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You don’t need to pound your head against a wall in the hopes that inspiration would strike. There are numerous concepts with a successful track record for people of different experience and interest levels.


The market for New Age goods and services has seen constant growth since it first gained popularity in the 1970s. Alternative ideologies to traditional Western culture, spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism are all included in the phrase “New Age.” Here are 10 New Age business concepts to learn about if you identify with that attitude and goal.


New Age business idea: Healthy fast food


23 Best Healthy Food Delivery Services in 2022 to Make Meal Prep Painless | Glamour


Do not be misled; the fast food industry is still booming today. But nowadays, people prefer healthier meals than the oily ones that make up the majority of fast food offerings. Burger establishments, ice cream kiosks, and taco trucks are simply not cutting it anymore. Acai bowls, quinoa-kale salads, and whole-grain wraps are trendy in restaurants right now.


The healthy fast food truck is an excellent little niche. Nectar and Green Pirate are two examples. Each day, a different site receives fresh juices and smoothies from both trucks. Native Bowl and Hola Arepa combine inventive salads and bowls with local, fresh ingredients. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of mobile fast food; places like Green Tomato and Zoe’s Kitchen provide just as well.


New Age business idea: Yoga studio


As more people turn to lifestyle modifications to address their persistent issues with weight and pain, yoga is becoming more and more popular. 36 million Americans practice yoga, a significant rise from 20.4 million in 2012, according to the 2016 Yoga in America Study, which was carried out by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance.


There are various methods to enter the yoga industry, including teaching, marketing clothing and equipment, and setting up your own studio. Additionally, you might look at yoga chains like Bikram and YogaFit Studios. Examine more fantastic prospects in health and wellness by looking at the Franchise 500 list from Entrepreneur.


New Age business idea: Tiny houses


A 10,000 square foot mansion isn’t always necessary to create your ideal home. Many college students and recent grads prefer compact homes on wheels. Why? You are able to traverse the nation without having to pay for expensive hotels. Even with all of the conveniences, they are significantly less expensive than a typical home; Tumbleweed’s tiny homes start at under $10,000. They are (nearly) completely customisable, cuter, and more useful than RVs. Even some of them have little porches.


No, small homes aren’t just an HGTV trend; they’re a whole movement and a great business opportunity. Even while a few businesses now provide them, those businesses don’t fully use the opportunities. Very few little homes are elegantly furnished, and even fewer are designed with dogs in mind. Another business idea is that maintenance companies sometimes overlook the demography of people who live in tiny houses.


New Age business idea: Wellness app


The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly, and a clever programmer (or someone with a fantastic idea and the ability to assemble a team) could achieve enormous success with a cutting-edge app that promotes stress reduction. Yunha Kim, the host of the podcast How Success Happens at Entrepreneur, recently talked about how she developed her meditation software Simple Habit. The business has garnered more than 2.7 million users since introducing the stress reduction and wellness platform in 2016. It also won the 2018 Google Play Award for Best well-being app. Kim received $10 million in Series A fundraising in November 2018.


New Age business idea: Ethical business consulting


This generation is very focused on ethical business practices and management. Business owners and managers are concerned with more than only safeguarding staff members and suppliers from discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion; they are also concerned with social responsibility, environmental awareness, and ethical product purchase.


There are hundreds of potential clients waiting for an ethical business consultant to assist them, whether they are first-time business owners or experienced managers newer to ethical business. Perhaps they’re in the midst of a busy hiring period and might benefit from the assistance of an ethics expert to help prevent prejudice against job hopefuls. For a “greener” market, perhaps the corporation is aiming to make all of its products totally biodegradable. There are various fields you may work in, and the best part is that you can choose a speciality that interests and engages you the most quickly.


New Age business idea: Virtual reality (and its accessories)


Dedicated AR And VR Accessories Manufacturers | ARPost


VR is an impressive aspect of contemporary technology. You can use virtual reality (VR) to completely immerse yourself in a range of intriguing worlds with the correct computer hardware and a set of goggles.


You don’t need to be a computer whiz to start a VR-focused business, so don’t worry if you’re not the most tech-savvy person you know. In actuality, the majority of VR-related business concepts are unrelated to the technology itself. Instead, you may launch your own website where you can write about the latest in software, gaming, and technology. You could market original cardboard headsets (like Google Cardboard, but cooler). You can develop your own games and applications if you are skilled at programming. . . perhaps you may use this amazing technology to protect the environment. Professor Jeremy Bailenson of Stanford University and director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) had his team create a virtual reality game that explains ocean acidification and motivates users to take action to address the issue in the real world.


New Age business idea: Website rentals


Although many claim to be web developers, hardly many really rent websites.


It’s dated to build websites from the ground up for certain businesses to make money online. Instead, web developers are building a number of websites simultaneously for a certain market, then renting out customizable editions of each site to nearby companies. Businesses pay a developer on a monthly basis to maintain a website. If you know what you’re doing, it’s a terrific method to generate passive revenue and grow your current Web development company.


New Age business idea: High quality or raw pet food


Pet owners are paying closer attention to what they feed their animal pals. Nowadays, it’s common known that cheap food can make your pets unwell or even kill them, that grains can occasionally be bad for a pet’s health, and that raw pet food should, whenever feasible, be preferred over the dry stuff from the convenience shop. Some of these worries might be ones you’ve already heard if you have pets of your own.


The modern entrepreneur has a fantastic chance here. You have room to start a new business as long as pet owners continue to buy premium food for their four-legged companions. For pets with particular allergies, you might start serving raw food. Consider making deliveries and taking your canine client for a stroll while you’re out and about. There are many of opportunities for growth.


New Age business idea: Edtech


Have young siblings or children? If so, you might be aware that Chromebooks and iPads are being used in more and more classrooms. The rise of Edtech, or educational technology, coincides with the rise of this new privilege. This can feature student portals that resemble “blackboards,” educational games, online discussion forums, forms for submitting assignments, and much more. In fact, we’ve tried our hand at Edtech ourselves with the Kidpreneurs Academy, a collection of entertaining and engaging videos on young entrepreneurship that serves as a companion to a book we wrote that teaches the same concepts to children aged seven through twelve.


Although it would appear that every conceivable form of educational technology has already been developed, in reality, most of it is buggy or unusable. Few online classroom resources fulfill all of a teacher’s or student’s demands, and those that do are often prohibitively expensive. It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to develop (or sell) a product that addresses multiple needs simultaneously.


New Age business idea: Subscription boxes


Subscription boxes are something you frequently see on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Nowadays, you can order almost anything in a monthly subscription box, including artisan beer, high-end beauty, foreign delicacies, and stickers. For practically every interest and personality, there is a subscription box. although not quite. The enjoyable side business (or full-time job) you’ve been looking for might just be a subscription box business. Think about consumables that are common in the New Age movement, such as candles, oils, and other products.


An even simpler and more affordable method to enter the subscription box industry? Aim to “unbox” them. UnboxingRocks, a family of three, has amassed a devoted following on YouTube by opening and discussing the contents of their favorite subscription boxes live in front of the camera. Sharing boxes online might be more your style if creating and mailing subscription boxes isn’t really your thing.


Create the cutting-edge business of your dreams with the help of these ten New Age business concepts. How would you add your own original creative twist to these concepts?


Source: Entrepreneur

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