Biggest .co - Bought for $25, Sold for $300,000 |

Biggest .co – Bought for $25, Sold for $300,000

May 28, 2021 | Features

Biggest .co - Bought for $25, Sold for $300,000

Biggest .co flip ever — bought for $25, sold for $300,000


A domain investor has reportedly sold the domain for $300,000, making it the second-highest amount a .co domain has sold since the ccTLD relaunched in 2010.

Domain marketplace Efty today reports that MagnumDomains used its platform to sell the domain via its buy-it-now function, with no broker involvement. is expected to refer to Ethereum, the blockchain cryptocurrency, but it doesn’t seem to be clear whether the buyer is an end-user or fellow investor.

It’s believed to be the second most-expensive .co domain ever sold, and the most-expensive sold by a domain investor.

The previous record-holder is, which .co registry .CO Internet (now part of GoDaddy) famously sold to for $350,000 during its relaunch back in 2010.

The seller bought the domain for $25 back then, before Ethereum existed, and has been sitting on it ever since, according to Efty.


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