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Microsoft Now Using

May 13, 2021 | Features

Microsoft Now Using

Microsoft Now Using was sold for an undisclosed amount of money towards then end of 2020. The domain name was sold by, a company with a large portfolio full of gem quality domain names. When the domain name changed hands, it was registered under privacy proxy at MarkMonitor, so the buyer was not known until a subsequent Whois update reported by James Iles. is now being used by Microsoft for its Microsoft Teams video conferencing service. While the domain name is not being used as a standalone website for the service, Microsoft is forwarding the url to its Teams landing page within the company’s website. Notably, one can tell from the full url that Microsoft is actively tracking traffic that directly navigates to its website from

Despite the fact that is not currently a standalone website, the purchase was very smart. Microsoft now has the ability to use in various marketing materials and advertising campaigns. In fact, I would be surprised if Microsoft does not use in the short term.

Directing prospective and current clients to is easier than directing them to the longer url that has been used by the company. Importantly, owning will keep the domain name out of the hands of another company that could brand a non-infringing product called Teams.

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