2022: Top 10 PropTech Startups Making an Evolution


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PropTech, the combination of real estate and technology, has recently gained enormous appeal. The explanation is straightforward: modern businesses rely significantly on technology, and real estate is particularly vulnerable to changes in that technology. PropTech is becoming more and more important as a result of evolving consumer needs and cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 PropTech startups that will be evolving in 2022 and beyond.




Branding: Settlin on Behance


Settlin was established in 2016 and has since developed into a buyer-centric, scalable, technology-driven real estate platform at the top of the resale value chain. A user has access to 4 times as many offline and online curated property searches through this platform. About 80 parameters are listed. The platform is set up so that using this online-offline-online paradigm, the transaction may be finished in five visits.


Stanza Living


Go straight to Stanza Living if you are a working professional or student moving to a new city. This is a co-living area with technology. The purpose of this is to drastically change the multi-billion dollar student housing and co-living market in India. For this, it provides a high-quality shared living concept that centers the conception, design, and implementation process around the new generation of migrants.




This PropTech company offers real estate agents practical software that will enable them to clinch more deals. Are you curious about the software’s purpose? In any case, it enables agents to design unique presentations for potential buyers.




HomeLight raises $109 million for AI that matches home buyers with real estate agents | VentureBeat


As a website that links local real estate brokers and home sellers, Homelight has become well known. That’s not all, though. Additionally, this PropTech business provides mortgages without any upfront underwriting costs. According to a report from the company’s year-end in 2021, more than 40 million transactions have been handled.




A prop-tech business called Pacaso provides an ownership platform for vacation properties. As far as its service is concerned, it offers listings on an online market to buy a portion of the house. It’s important to highlight that this startup is in charge of the property’s upkeep and legal proceedings.




Homeday is the site you need if you’re wanting to buy and sell real estate with a strong emphasis on houses. The program contains tools for tracking a listing over time and works with brokers. Additionally, the commission is considerably lower than others.




Briq is a great tool for managing finances and assets for those in the real estate and construction industries. Construction managers, CFOs, project managers, and contractors are all part of the PropTech target market. It’s also noteworthy that the platform contains a “predictive analytics” tool that is intended to test the effects of changing factors on an ongoing building project.


Square Yards


This real estate portal offers PropTech for aggregation and transactions. This website offers loans to individuals and businesses, as well as access to more primary property listings, among other things.




VergeSense is a workspace data analytics startup that aids companies in measuring and tracking office space consumption. This PropTech venture is home to a sizable number of businesses, such as RBC, Quicken Loans, and Cisco.




In the Asian market, this Proptech business operates a DIY property transaction platform with listings for homes, apartments, and condos as well as a service that links tenants with home loans and renovation services. Undoubtedly a startup to watch out for.


Source: Analytics Insight

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