2022 Travel will be busier than before

If 2021 was a year of domestic travel, 2022 could be the year of the “bucket list” trip, according to some.

This is one of the trends that travel insiders foresee this year despite the rocky start of 2022, when the omicron Covid-19 variation snarled the industry,

According to a recent travel trends analysis, 2022 will be the year when the industry recovers, with anticipated trips for this year exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

Travelers are also willing to spend more per trip than they were in 2019, according to a recent study.


‘New sense of urgency’

According to Stephanie Papaioannou, vice president of Abercrombie & Kent, a premium travel business, there is a “new sense of urgency” to travel.

According to her, “guests feel like they’ve lost two years, and elderly clients are apprehensive about having fewer healthy years to travel.”

Lee Thompson, co-founder of the adventure travel company Flash Pack, agreed.

He stated, “People are yearning to get away.” “They’ve been waiting for a chance to get back out there, and they’re not shying away from big, once-in-a-lifetime adventures.”


The year of the ‘GOAT’

Expedia is calling 2022 the year of the GOAT, or the “greatest of all trips.”

According to a company official, 65% of respondents in a poll of 12,000 tourists in 12 countries want to “go big” on their next vacation. As a result, the year’s “largest travel trend” was the demand for adventurous and lavish trips.

According to Decius Valmorbida, president of travel at Amadeus, the epidemic has impacted the “mood of travelers.”

“People simply say: “Look, what if another pandemic occurs?” I’m locked in again? His words were, “There’s a psychological influence that now is the moment”.

The international destinations drawing the biggest search increases this year, compared with 2019, are Tuscany, Italy (+141%), the Bahamas (+129%), French Polynesia’s Bora Bora (+98%), the Maldives (+97%) and the south of France (+88%), according to the report.

“Families are choosing destinations they’ve always wanted to go to,” she added, “particularly those that revolve around outdoor activities like Nile River cruises, Machu Picchu, safaris, and European barge cruises.”


Loosen the purse strings

While the pandemic has been financially catastrophic for some, it has also let others to save more money, particularly professionals who have been able to work from home.

In major countries like U.S., the U.K., Canada, Japan, and Spain, almost 70% of leisure travelers expect to spend more money on travel in 2022 than they did in the previous five years.

Travelers may be willing to pay more to see specific locations rather than to make their journey more luxurious. According to Expedia, more than twice as many U.S. respondents were ready to spend extra to visit “bucket list” places (32%) rather than book luxury experiences (15%) or accommodation or flight upgrades (16%).


Family reunions and ‘friendcations’

People are celebrating missed milestones, frequently with extended family.

This year, family reunion vacations will be popular.

People are still making up for missing time with their families. Destinations that cater to large multi-generation families, such as those with a huge inventory of large villas, such as the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Maldives, are seeing an increase in bookings.

The U.K. saw a surge in large group bookings once limits were lifted. Bookings to party destinations like Las Vegas, Cancun, Mexico, and the Spanish island of Ibiza led the business to name “friendcations” a top travel trend for 2022.


Demand for travel agents

Big travels frequently necessitate big arrangements, resulting in a renewed demand for travel agents.

Professional planners can assist tourists in navigating “Covid-19 testing, restrictions, changes in entrance regulations, visas, flights, lodging, activities, and backup plans.”

Even “DIY tourists”, who generally plan their own vacations, are now seeking professional assistance to ensure that their planned trips go smoothly.


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