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“The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google”

Right? This article in Huffpost really knocks the verdict! Who would want their business hidden from the public’s eyes? We all know that the first page of Google has a 34% click-through rate.


Branding your business has something to do with the internet’s algorithm. Your business name is one of the most untapped SEO potentials that you already have. When we say ranking on the webpage, you might think of internal links, backlinks, and domain authority, but that is not all!


With a business name that is accessible and keyword-friendly, you have the potential to rank your business in the first 5 pages of the webpage. However, with those brand names that aren’t accessible enough, it can be on the 6th to 50th, and I know you wouldn’t want to be far down.


Today’s time makes most of the purchases start with a web search, where the results on page one enjoy 92% of all search traffic. This means that only 8% go through the second page and down. 


So before you name your brand and buy a domain name, here are some tips to help you rank on Google’s first page.


Name Hack #1: Keywords on your Business Name will Work

One of the best ways to help your business rank higher is to check keywords that are usually searched by a lot of web surfers. 


For example, I am planning to open a bakery, and on the keyword search, I found out that people are using the keyword “fresh.” I can name my bakery as or, I can maximize the Google algorithm by placing the word bake in front naming it


Name Hack #2: Original is the best.

A lot of businesses are popping up everywhere, making it hard to get the domain that you want the most. But getting a brand and domain name that is similar to others will make it hard for your business to rank up the web. Try searching our domain boutique, Bigdad, for unique and catchy domains in different categories.


Name Hack #3: It Must Be Readable.

Don’t worry, abstract names are good to use. What we want to say is to avoid making confusion for Google’s algorithm. Hyphens and consecutive letters are something to avoid when choosing a brand or a domain name. 


If you want to name your personal blog as, it will look like in the web search bar, and perhaps, google will have a hard time reading your domain name.


Name Hack #4: Make It Short.

Best brand names are short and remarkable. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant or too long. The suggested number of characters is 3 to 6 letters only to make people remember your brand.


On the other hand, long names can have a remarkable marketing success too, and that is if you want to spend some amount on marketing and getting your SEO done internally.


Given a good name for your brand, you have the advantage of ranking on the higher pages on the web. Follow these tips and add the right attitude and see your marketing path to grow into success.

Kristine Mariel is a Social Media Specialist at


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