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4 Moves to Make Your Website Rank

4 Moves to Make Your Website Rank on Google Search

Several guides show startups and business owners on how to rank on the first page of Google search. But knowing how to do it and what strategy best fits your website needs is the most crucial part. We know how frustrating it is to see your site on Google’s first page so, we compile some easy steps on how to make your website rank high and get to page 1 on Google Search.

It’s analyzed and proven that 75% of people will base their research on the information they find on the first page of Google Search. Not most will scroll past to see the second, third and fourth page. There is a saying that “the best place to hide a dead’s body is on Google’s second page.” Who would like to settle on the 2nd page, right?

Most of those that rank on the first page of Google is with domain authorities. So if you are new, you should try different strategies on how to rank high. Here are some of the easy steps.

  1. Ace your Long-Tail Keywords.

Depending on the type of business, one should be aware of the keywords they want to use. So, for example,

Head keyword: treat acne

Long-Tail Keywords: how to treat acne at home

These Long-Tail keywords are more specific keywords that are usually composed of 3 or more words. They often get less traffic, but when specified, they can get a lot higher conversion.

Also, long-tail searches cover more than 70% of search traffic. It means that it is easier to rank and with lesser competition.

  1. Add many blog posts to your website.

It is easier to write an article and stuff it with a lot of keywords, but that is NOT how Google’s algorithm works. When you write a blog post and post it on your website, Google only reads up to two keywords in one article. That is the main reason why there’s a lot of websites that publish multiple blogs. So remember, you need to write a blog regularly and use your keywords.

It goes like this: “The more content, the higher chances of ranking on the first page of Google search. equals more traffic generated to your site pages.”

If you want to start ranking for the top keywords and optimize your click-through rate, you need to write more valuable and unique content.

  1. Participate and get featured on Roundup Post.

Spending so much money on PPC ads to get a better ranking on keywords, or paying a lot of time and effort on writing long-form content may not be an option. Remember that these are just options to generate traffic and conversion to your website and may not be as feasible as you may think.

Fortunately, you can still generate traffic and conversion without spending a lot or breaking your neck, writing your guides through participating in roundup posts.

Roundup post or expert roundups are virtually aggregate content or opinions from the experts in your niche.

After seeing this tip, you can now make a simple outreach effort to save your business for years.

  1. Pay on Adwords to rank on top.

Google AdWords is a powerful search engine marketing tool where companies pay to get their website on the first page. That is not all. If you are a startup business, then there is no way that you can beat you big competitions in the keyword search. However, Google Adwords can let you cheat by revealing the keywords that convert for your competitor companies.

What does this mean? Instead of waiting around creating much content that may not convert, and linking them to thousands of websites that might not entertain your content, you can certainly jump on the #1 position on the page.

Google AdWords works like an auction, yet the highest bid does not always win. With the right quality advertisement and solid bidding, even the smallest businesses can rank on the first page.

Getting to the first page of Google when you are a startup is nearly impossible. It might sound harsh, but this is the most real thing in building your website presence.

Many companies (who started ten years before you) have a lot of links and content that are appearing on the web. Some of them spent millions of dollars on campaigns and advertisements to get the top spot. Their domain authority is well-established, and brands are known. BUT it does not mean that you have to stop creating your business. Remember that the start is hard and bitter, but the fruits are sweet.

Luckily, there are some workarounds that you can do to upgrade your web presence and rank at the top. There’s a much unconventional method to keep you going.

Just be creative and never give up.


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