5 Amazingly Successful Rebranding Exercises

5 Amazingly Successful Rebranding Exercises


Humans are always on the lookout for something new and exciting.

It’s human instinct to search for ‘uniqueness’. Besides looking for newness in our lives, we also tend to relocate or recreate ourselves in search of answers or just a change.

Same with businesses, companies might need to do some rebranding from time to time. It could be to introduce a new product line or to freshen up your brand values or even to bury a negative legacy and start anew.


First of, what is a rebranding exercise?


Rebranding is giving your brand a makeover according to the trends in the market.

The rebranding exercise is the process of changing logos, brand names, brand value, changing the marketing perspective, and even changing the packaging of products. This is done to create a new brand identity and thereby differentiating your brand from your competitors.


Now what points should companies consider when they plan to rebrand?


Consider the Company Logo


A logo is the embodiment of a brand. It communicates what the company does, and how well they do it. An outdated logo could stop potential customers in considering the purchase. In fact, just the shape of a logo can create subconscious impressions of the brand.

The logo’s color can do the same. Also try to consider designing a version of the logo in black and white to ensure its impact in all potential scenarios.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:


  • Make it simple
  • Keep your values and industry top of mind
  • Consider what the logo will look like with and without your company name included
  • Make sure you have both horizontal and vertical versions
  • Define clear design guidelines for how and where your logo can be used


Rebrand the Font


A brand’s main font communicates a lot about the organization’s personality.

It’s critical to consider how the logo will work with fonts. Make it a part of building your visual language — so that you can be sure of creating the right aesthetic.

Remember, your fonts should be:


  • Clearly legible
  • Complementary to your logo
  • Indicative of your brand’s personality and mission


Color Palette


According to that University of Missouri study, here’s what each color of logo communicated:


  1. Blue: Confidence, success, reliability
  2. Green: Environmentalism, toughness, durability, masculinity, sustainability
  3. Purple: Femininity, glamor, charm
  4. Pink: Youth, imagination, fashion
  5. Yellow: Fun, modernity
  6. Red: Expertise, self-assurance


While this study evaluated the colors’ impact as it relates to logos, the brand color palette may encompass additional colors that don’t appear in your logo. Consider all colors as a family, and make sure they work in harmony with the logo and fonts that tell your story the best.


Photo, Icon and Illustration Guidelines


All aspects of the brand should be communicated throughout the organization. This includes the aesthetic of photos, icons, and illustrations when used. Without clear communication, someone making an asset for the company could use an image that’s highly off-brand, creating confusion among collateral. Examples of guidelines include:


  • Whether photos are on-brand, and what their content should be (abstract, single-object, no people, only people, etc.)
  • Clearly defined icon and illustration styles
  • When to use icons vs. more involved illustrations




Even if brand is what the organization specializes in, don’t go about rebranding alone. Get insight from trusted colleagues to uncover potential conflicts or missteps in new choices. This could avoid major headaches when launch time arrives!

Finally, remember to document them. This lets the company cement the decisions in a reliable format and share those decisions among the team and with any vendors who need to reference or adhere to the brand.

Planning to relaunch your brand? We might be able to help!


Author: Nica Layug




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