5 Reasons To Buy A Customized Domain


5 Reasons To Buy A Customized Domain


It’s 2020 and with evolving digitalization, everyone is looking for a perfect domain name for their budding start-ups.


Whether the idea is to strengthen your existing brand or build a new one, an exclusive domain name plays a key role in delivering the brand message to your audience. Without a customized domain name, it is almost impossible to nurture a loyal audience, perhaps build a successful business, and more importantly, keep the cash flow steady and recurring.


And if you are one of such entrepreneurs who still doesn’t have an effective domain name, here’s why you should get one today:


1. Strengthen Your Brand Image


In the present scenario, your start-up needs to introduce itself to the already filled ecosystem with a unique branding concept. A powerful brand image will ensure that you unlock opportunities that help you to market a product to your target audience flawlessly, and ultimately, make sales and garner revenue.


Even if you don’t own a start-up, your brand needs to have a domain as well since it acts as a digital business card for you. What more will you ask for?


2. Add Credibility


If you are not willing to pay and register a domain for your business, do you think anyone will be trusting you with their money? Well, harsh it may be, but it’s highly unlikely.


Even if you have thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook, but followers don’t pay your bills and without a domain name, fewer people are likely to trust your business.


With a domain name, the tables turn because it adds a lot of credibility and proves that you are legitimately trying to establish a real business.


3. Get Your Branded Email Address


Now I want you to be honest-


You want to nail the first impression with your audience, don’t you? 


But would it even look professional if you pitch/reach out to a prospect from your genericname@gmail.com email account?


At the first glance, they may instantly ignore your email, assuming it is some random person spamming your inbox, only because it didn’t come from a branded email address.


Hence, it is not only suggested but widely recommended to register for a branded domain name, which automatically comes with a custom email address.


So grab yours today, and get your business started!


4. Be A Part Of The Digital Revolution


We are living in the age of rapidly expanding e-commerce and online business. Having a domain name of your shows how forward-thinking you are and allows your audience to evaluate how up-to-date your business and thought-process is.


Additionally, since your business will be available online, potential customers will get to navigate through the website themselves to know more about your business and get in touch with you, probably ending up building a long-term alliance. Sounds a lot more convenient for customers, isn’t it?


5. It’s Cheap Already


A decade or two ago, you had to go through a series of processes to get your desired domain name. Today, getting a domain is much easier, hassle-free, and more importantly – pretty economical.


Today, all you need is five minutes to go through our list of exclusive domains, choose one (or more), and make the payment. In the blink of an eye, the domain name will be yours.


It’s time to wrap up!


I could go on and on, but let me cut to the chase, domain names are just like a digital address for your business, and now you know how important it is for your business to have an exclusive address.


And with so many advantages to ease your business, countless reasons to reach new heights, unlock new opportunities and expand your horizon, why won’t you take up a domain name for your start-up or building a personal brand?


It not only provides a new, wholesome experience for your customers but also helps your brand to grow beyond restricted demography.


If all this doesn’t sound enticing enough, I doubt, nothing ever will!


So are you ready to get yours today? Click here to know more.


Author- Dhruvisha Jain


Dhruvisha is a freelance content writer and copywriter with expertise in writing blogs about Robotics and Automation, Branding and Marketing, Educational Courses, and many more topics. Dhruvisha helps businesses build a strong online presence by communicating their brand ideology effectively.


You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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