5 Startup Businesses Revolutionizing the Consumer Insights Sector


Consumer insights: what they are & how to use them


Data is crucial. Without it, your brand can be losing out on a lot of information that could influence and transform the way your company makes decisions. There are many tools accessible for you to retrieve any type of data you’re looking for, and the amount of data that is currently available to businesses has a significant impact on company.


When making major selections for your company’s product lineup, it’s crucial to take consumer insights into account. Do you and your business make every attempt to obtain client feedback and modify your efforts as necessary? It could be time to look for outside advice and support if you believe that your internal data gathering, storage, and analysis methods aren’t properly serving you.


Here is a list of five startup companies that can help you gain an advantage over your rivals by providing customer insights.




Simporter Raises $600K in Seed Funding - FinSMEs


The way your company uses data to grow and scale your organization can be dramatically impacted by Simporter’s ability to automate pre-market forecasts and new ideation research. The White Space Artificial Intelligence, or AI, technology automates ideation research, pre-market forecasting, and product research with artificial intelligence. By analyzing billions of data points from searches, sales, social media, and reviews, the platform enables you to quickly identify consumer requirements and reduce the risk associated with developing new products.


Simporter, as opposed to a consultant, is updated continuously to give you information you can use to build your brand and get a competitive edge. Additionally, you can choose from millions of options for more qualitative decision-making rather than employing focus groups and panel services, which force you to choose from hundreds of viewpoints. You can use one comprehensive platform inside your team rather than using different tools for each data source (such as a social listening tool, an e-commerce tool, a search tool, etc.).


The Simporter platform is set up to give you exactly what you need in an easier way because other analytics systems are complicated. Its exclusive databases and patented AI algorithms boost new product revenue by an average of +23%.




Customers can choose from more than 30 different software solutions on the Zappi technology platform. Zappi provides a solution that is intended to swiftly and effectively handle any customer’s needs because this platform understands that the creative process is not linear. The business offers users a platform to test theories and review previous studies to find trends, patterns, and themes using AI.


The Zappi platform has a simple five-step setup process that makes it easy to get started. Clients first decide on the solution that is most crucial to them, choose a testing venue, and choose an audience (from their pre-set audiences or create-your-own). Customers may then set up their ideal study to focus on the appropriate qualities, price ranges, and bespoke questions to guarantee they obtain the information they need to make appropriate next moves. Third, clients begin data collecting for their study.


Customers can then examine the data in their reports and share it, as is the case with any data-based study. To assist customers in identifying the solutions they need, Zappi automatically cleans, models, stat tests, and visualizes the study’s findings against industry or category benchmarks.




Remesh is a digital business founded in 2014 with the mission of amplifying and reflecting the voice of the people. Conversations that cross cultural, political, social, economic, and geographic boundaries, in Remesh’s opinion, result in a world that is more cohesive, unified, and communicative. The Remesh technology employs AI to efficiently run online focus groups. Within minutes, its intelligence analyzes the thoughts and interactions of up to 1,000 participants in real-time and aids in deciphering the responses that most accurately reflect the focus group.


Customers can interact live and online with residents, employees, and other customers using Remesh, and everyone has the chance to say what they think. The technological stack behind Remesh analyzes each group member’s response as it is provided, enabling you to ask the most pertinent questions that will result in the greatest amount of participation.


Remesh customers can export all the information they want to know more about (such as segments, stimuli, the range of opinions, replies, etc.) with only one click when the focus group discussion is over. Remesh is used by their customer base, which spans the majority of important businesses, to gain a thorough understanding of their target market. As a result, they are able to create the best possible governments, businesses, and goods.




It’s difficult to gather precise information about what’s good and what needs improvement when collecting consumer feedback, but AlloReview provides a novel alternative. Generic customer satisfaction surveys that seldom ever ask pertinent and significant questions from the surveyee are not responded to by 90% of customers. In this situation, AlloReview is useful.


A platform called AlloReview uses voice response technology to perform customer feedback surveys using curated and customized questionnaires. Their system enables those being polled to give companies direct, accurate, and pertinent information without being concerned that the message may be lost in translation (for example, ranking 1-5, which is very subjective).


Customer input can be more particular and in-depth than it would be in a typical survey. Additionally, because customers can trust that the feedback they’ve gotten is real, the data their platform gathers offers them the ability to confidently move forward with adjustments to products, services, or procedures. They are as high-tech and practical as they can be because AlloReview fully integrates with their customers’ systems in less than a day.




PICKL is a platform for consumer insights that provides real-time competitor and category data, intelligence, and recommendations to assist increase foot traffic in stores. Utilizing a community of shoppers who are active and engaged, the PICKL platform enables its users to collect the vital information and research required to expand sales operations and increase revenues.


Customers have access to a single dashboard, known as the PICKL details page, which displays all the competitive intelligence required for R&D. Simply give unique jobs to PICKL’s system, and shoppers will start gathering the information they need. Companies who want to gather client feedback in real-time can use PICKL’s exclusive Insight tool to gain immediate, direct input. When customers are choosing products, brands can ask them the most pertinent and engaging questions with the help of personalized questionnaires.


Contacting any of these platforms is a terrific place to start if you need help collecting insightful, useful data for your product, marketing, or business development teams.


Source: Plug and Play

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