5 Fantastic Website Concepts For Newcomers In 2022


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Nearly 40% of consumers have changed their buying habits as a result of the pandemic, while still choosing to work from home. This modification offers a fantastic chance to start a side online company.


Beginners who want to create websites for profit are in the proper place. For your inspiration, this post will list the most profitable website concepts. There are several ways to make money online, from personal blogs to e-commerce websites.


1. Affiliate Website


An affiliate website advertises goods and services in return for a cut of the sale. Affiliate websites come in a wide variety of forms, with review sites being the most common.


A great illustration of a successful review website is NerdWallet. Users can compare financial goods such savings accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, and insurance with the use of this tool. Each article includes affiliate links to different financial institutions, which allows the website to get a referral fee for each user enrollment.


NerdWallet does a fantastic job, from a design perspective, of making navigating simple. The top navigation bar allows users to rapidly access the site’s key resources. Users may locate what they need with ease thanks to an on-site search engine that is also available.


2. eCommerce Website


Ecommerce Website Builder - Create a Fully Featured Online Store Today | Sitebeat


An eCommerce business is still among the top website ideas to make money, despite its fierce competition. It requires less investment and provides limitless expansion prospects than a brick-and-mortar store.


It is not difficult to start an online store. Website builders like Zyro and well-known content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress provide all the tools required to create profitable online companies.


Select the products you want to offer on your website after selecting an online platform. Either promote your own made products or work as a dropshipper.


Nike is a great illustration of how a website store should appear. Only three colors are used in the interface: white for the background, grey for the blocks, and black for the text. Visitors can concentrate on the products thanks to a straightforward color scheme.


3. Personal Blog


One of the most common website types is still a blog. It’s a fantastic method for new writers to develop their craft, demonstrate their knowledge, and establish an online presence.


The first step in starting a blog is identifying a niche. It enables you to draw in site visitors with related interests and convert them into devoted readers. The following are popular blog niches: fashion, lifestyle, travel, and food.


Alternately, develop a website based on your own struggles or experiences and center the material around finding solutions. How to convert personal objectives into chances for earning money is demonstrated by Abby Organizes.


Abby Lawson, the founder, became dissatisfied with the chaos in her house. She then started creating blogs to provide organization and design advice for the home. Abby began monetizing her site through sponsored posts, eBook sales, and affiliate marketing once she had established a following.


4. Portfolio Website


To display your work and draw in new customers, you must create a portfolio website. This is especially true if you work in the art, design, or web development industries. Take notes from Justin Eiler’s portfolio site sample.


This photography website has a straightforward user experience that prioritizes visual content. Visitors can choose from a variety of project categories on the site. When a section is clicked, a gallery of Justin’s work showcasing his photographic aesthetic and picture quality will appear.


Additionally, the website has a section with his contact details, giving potential customers a simple method to get in touch if they’re interested in using his services.


5. Membership Website


A membership site is an excellent idea for a website. Access to some of your content, such as online courses, in-depth reports, video lessons, or privileged news coverage, is restricted.


This tactic is frequently used by news websites like The New York Times, which provide a walled subscription model. Users can access all of its content, cooking recipes, and buying tips for just a few dollars a month.


Building a successful internet business starts with developing your own website.


We hope that this post has aided in your decision regarding the kind of website to create for your online marketing campaigns.


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