6 Tips on How to Pick Your Business Name


6 Tips on How to Pick Your Business Name


You’ve started a business. There are many challenges when first starting out. From understanding all the business laws associated to creating a business plan, there’s a lot of technical work to finalize. Before registering your business name you’ll need to work on choosing a business name, which is one of the more important brand decisions you’ll make.


It’s a fun task but also an overwhelming one.


Tips on how to pick your business name:


Big no to hard-to-spell names.


Potential customers getting confused about how to find your business online is not a good start. We want to avoid having to continually correct the misspelled version of the brand. Keep it simple.


Don’t limit the name as the business could grows


Just think of all the hurdles Facebook had to overcome for rebranding to Meta just because they are expanding. Picking too narrow of a name may cause some problems down the road. Imagine if Jeff Bezos had picked the name “OnlineBooksForSale” instead of “Amazon.”

Avoid names like “Furnitures from Japan”, etc. You don’t want to limit the brand to a particular product or a specific city.


Conduct an Internet search.


Do a web search on the name once it’s been decided. More often than not, there will be someone else that is already using that business name. While that won’t be a total showstopper, it should give you pause.


Choose .com domain name.


Customers associate a .com name with a more established business. Undoubtedly, someone will already own your desired .com name, but many domain owners are willing to sell their name for the right price. Acquiring the .com name may be a little pricey but think of it as a business investment. Also make sure to grab your desired business name on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Use resources available for brainstorming names.


There are a number of sites that can help you brainstorm names, including:

VisualThesaurus.com (gives you a visual around a keyword)
Naminum.com (allows you to generate names based on a theme)
StartupNames.com (generates business names domains that you can instantly purchase on the website, hassle-free).


Make sure you are happy and content with the name.


You as the business owner will have to live with the brand name for a long time. Make sure you are happy with it and believe it will resonate with your customers. Take the time to get it right from the start.


Author: Nica Layug


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