7 Most Valuable Finance Domain Sales

7 Most Valuable Finance Domain Sales


The Finance industry is one of the most important industries in the world, with the Global market capitalization in 2019 being at $90 trillion.

It includes range of businesses including credit unions, banks, credit-card companies, insurance, accounting, personal finance, stock and investment funds management, etc.

With that, a lot of these companies are dominating the technology world by buying domain names to make their presence known online.

Let us share with you then some of the most interesting finance domain name stories that happened over the years.




The $7.5 million spent on purchasing Business.com in 1999 lands it on the list of the largest domain name sales in history. But at the time, no one could have imagined that this domain would be worth 47 times more just 8 years.

In 2007, the domain was sold to RH Donnelly for a whopping $345 million.




This domain was acquired for $35.6 million in 2010. This online platform was regarded as valuable because it was a popular destination for comparing insurance rates on cars, health, life, home and renters insurance.




This was a $16 million sale. Insure.com distinguished itself from other big domains like insurance.com by offering more than just a platform to follow new insurance deals. It also provided articles, quotes and news regarding this sector of the industry.




A man named Rick Schwartz registered eBet.com in 1996 for $100. He held on to it for nearly 20 years — making a profit off of it when the domain company Network Solutions bought it for $1.35 million.




Forexpros.com bought Investing.com in late 2012 for $2.45 million. The site is now full of content about investing and the stock market.




ClickSuccess L.P., a firm that sells financial tools and products online, purchased CreditCards.com in 2004. It was the biggest domain-only sale in years.




It was bought for $9.9M.

However, after the flashy sale, Fund.com ran into a lot of trouble. It had to declare most of its financials unreliable in 2009 and continuously failed to file reports. The man behind it — Jason Galanis — reportedly has an interesting history. If you go to the site now, it won’t load.


As you can see, not all of EXPENSIVE financial domain names had a great luck.

It’s not just about the 7-digit price, you can find a lot of Finance Domain Names on sale that can jump start your way to success, even on a budget.


Author: Nica Layug



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