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Why 3 Letter Domain Are The Best


Why 3 Letter Domain Are The Best


It is undeniable that short domain names are easy to remember, easy to spell, and are an excellent tool to boost your online presence and advantage. We recently posted an article giving the five tips to consider in choosing a brand name and more to say that these essential tips are covered when choosing a three-letter domain.


A three-letter domain name is remarkable as it is easy to remember and spelled without any problems. Most of the companies with this kind of domain are using these three letters as their business name acronym – especially in China. As an example, there is this company in China named 大疆创新 (Da Jiang Chuang Xin), that manufactures drones. In 2013, they invested an amount of $300,000 in upgrading to and took their business globally. It is just an example of how great and valuable these three-letter domains are, and I hope that many people will understand its value.


Why are the three-letter domain sought after?


Here are some of the reasons to sum up why a three-letter domain is in demand.


  • They are typically short, yet a powerful domain.


Again, short domain names are remarkable and are easy to remember. This is the most common reason why many domainers and businesses search for the available three-letter domain.


For example, which one is more comfortable to type and remember between and I believe that even using a laptop or a phone, will be the best choice. It is not only easy to type, spell, but certainly, it can easily come to your mind.


  • They are unique in any way.


When you have a three-letter domain in your possession, then you are a lucky one. Three-letter domains are unique as there will only be one set of your domain names in extension.


  • It makes you stand out from your competition.


It’s understood that there’s a lot of business that makes their domain name literally like their business name. And there is the point where you stand out. Imagine naming your domain with three-letter seems like you are dealing with an abstract. I guess creative naming is the term.


How many times do you see a domain name such as,, or I bet there’s a lot that pops up when you type in the first word of the domain name like “Amazing”. But when you use a three-letter name to your business, like or or, you STAND OUT!


  • Search is mostly done via phone nowadays, so short and memorable domain names are much preferred.


The Premium Event Cars is a business based in Canberra that took their domain name as Although they also get the domain to gather all website visits. Such a wise and excellent way to do business, after all.


  • Australian 3 letter domain names are relatively cheaper than dot-com.


Three-letter domain names in dot-com extensions typically sell in a 6 figure amount of money, but three letters are often priced to half of it. 


For example, that is for sale on eBay is worth $75,000, while is for sale for only $5,000 in Domain Marketplace.


  • They can be resold.


Yes, they can be resold, and we can see a lot of three-letter domains being sold in the marketplace today. 


So if you see an in the marketplace, it can be an acronym to other business with A’s in the first name.

Examples are:










You can also go to our domain boutique at and check our latest available domains.


So, are the Australian 3 letter domain names as valuable as .coms?


The answer is a big YES and OF COURSE! Although using country code (.au), it does not affect how it can be projected on the web. It is still your branding and your internet identity. It’s just a matter of determining where your business is based. 


Nowadays, as .com domains nearly sold out, it is good to invest on domains as it is also as brandable as they are. Remember that these 3 letter domains are absolutely powerful in creating high-quality conversion and putting your business in the internet.

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