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About StartUpNames – The Domain Acquisition Specialists

Budget-conscious Startups looking to Name their Business find it quite a Frustrating experience to say the least.  To find a Short and Brandable Name, which is pronounceable and has an available .COM domain Associated with it.  That is where we come in. And also provide the Domain Name and a Startup Logo.

We take Pride in our “Branding” work and our team comprises of:

a) Domain Acquisition specialists
b) Brand Naming consultants &
c) Graphic Designers for Logo creations

With combined expertise, we hope to create a “Cutting edge” Brand presence on the web.

Selection criteria:

– Domain Length (Shorter the better!)
– Radio test (Can a person hear it and Reproduce without errors?)
– Memory test (Does it pass the ‘Crowded Bar’ test?)
– Brand-feel (Does it sound Appealing, is it Positive?)
– User-age appeal, (Boomers, Gen-X, Gen-Y, Gen-Z etc)
– Industry relevance appeal etc.

Fun Fact

The highest recorded domain sale was CarInsurance.com @ $49.7 Million. But unofficiall, the most expensive domain name ever transacted was Cars.com @ $872 Million – it was valued at $872 Million (from the SEC filing, courtesy of the parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.)

StartUpNames’s Name Analysts and Logo Designers create and position “The Brand” with Business Trends are taken into consideration and the names are modified with key Adjectives that make the Brand feel Positive Recognizable. Attention is given to the Memory test and Radio test. These unique Business names can be categorized into one of the 6 following ways:

1. Real Names – QuestBay.com
2. Mis-spelled Names – BankInq.com
3. Abstract – Atrenos.com
4. Acronyms – ANZM.com
5. Visual – FilthyHot.com
6. WordPlay – GalaxyChimp.com

Naming can be a frustrating experience and settling for a name that feels “just Okay” is the number one cause for disappointment among start-ups.

– Stimulating Naming Conventions (Unique, Creative, Positive & Memorable)
– Logo Design (Distinctive, Inventive, Catchy & Vibrant)

Fun Fact

Amongst all fortune 500 companies 99.3% have a .COM domain name. The top 10,000 websites on the web have less than 8 characters in their domain name. And the top 500,000 have 10 characters or fewer.

Branding Philosophy:

With 305 Million start-ups annually, approx 300,000 domains are purchased every single day according to Statista. This directly translates to:

A) Needing a name for their new company, or
B) Established firms taking on a Rebranding strategy, or
C) Marketing launch for their new line of products and services, using a keyword-rich domain

Hence, the overwhelming need to “Stand-Out” is immensely clear.

Within StartUpNames, Our Philosophy is that Each of the Brand names is created with “Your Customers” in mind A Brand has to have it’s matching URL…

Fun Fact

Facebook launched as TheFacebook.com. In 2005 they paid $200,000 to acquire the domain Facebook.com. And in 2010 they paid $8.5 Million for fb.com

Brand = Name = Extension:

The single most respected business domain is a .COM extension. No exceptions sorry.  Any other extensions like .Asia or .Xyz or .Club or anything is meaningless for a corporate that has Higher goals.

Kind of letting your customer knows that you are “Invested in YOUR Business” and everyone today judges that very quickly! Venture Capitalists notice & decide, even before they even see the Presentation!!

Also, numbers or Hyphens in a Name is a Big No-No! As it just would not pass the Radio test.  Try saying Homes2Hire.com on the Phone, is it “two, to, or 2”? A spelling mistake in the URL would take the customer to the competitor’s page!

Because, if UBER was called RIDE-OUR-SHARETAXI.CLUB, there would be NO business presence! And it would simply join the Millions of Startups that Just made the “Exit” early. Since start-ups and established businesses compete to win with expert online brand strategy, we help and partner to establish this presence through our Digital Branding experience.

Fun Fact

Owning a .COM implies that you are more established. Beijing-based Qihoo 360 spent $17 Million in 2015 for the domain 360.com to buy it from Vodafone.

Premium Domains at Economy Prices (B)

We at StartUpNames have over 3000+ handpicked and curated .COM and .COM.AU in Inventory. Our Name analysts look at the Branding trends in the Industry and compile Brand names with a matching URL secured in the aftermarket auctions. The key to this brand creation is our frugal and fair Pricing promise. If you look at competitive Brand sites their average Price is $3000 at a minimum and above, whereas our average price is kept at just $880 for similar quality names, if not better!

And most importantly, we will Hand-render your Logo, with revisions as required by you.
Because your Domain is your Email too!

With a GOOD Domain Brand, you are already 50% towards SUCCESS…
StartUpNames’s Portfolio of Domain assets are Premium, Trending & SEO friendly names only.

Hashtag Credibility!

Best wishes,
From the team at StartUpNames!

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