AgriTech Startups Are Empowering Farmers to Feed The World While Protecting The Planet


Agritech on Saving the Planet


Beyond conventional tools like tractors, plows, and tillers, the vital equipment of the modern farmer is quickly expanding.


These days, you can also include sensors that look at microscopic nutrients in that list along with sky- and space-based cameras. Artificial intelligence is the most significant of all these new instruments. With the help of AI, the enormous volumes of data collected by these sophisticated tools are transformed into insights that enable farmers to save costs while boosting productivity and sustainability.


This agricultural technology breakthrough occurs at the perfect time. Producing enough food to feed a growing population while preserving the environment and natural resources is becoming more difficult due to climate change.


Innovative entrepreneurs are leading the charge in creating cutting-edge solutions as agritech grows to be a multibillion dollar industry.


AI for agriculture


Our environment is becoming a little bit sweeter thanks to the business Cromai.


Agronomic engineers have a long history in Brazil, and CEO Guilherme Barros Castro’s parents and great-grandparents were among the first in their field.


In order to commercialize the machine-learning algorithms he developed while pursuing his doctorate, Castro co-founded Cromai in 2017. His business now uses AI to categorize weeds, allowing sugarcane plantations to spray exact areas with particular herbicides rather than dousing their fields in the substance. A 65 percent decrease in chemical use results from that computer vision capabilities.


Massive computational power is needed for algorithm training. However, Cromai’s technology was initially used on the computers of its creators.


A genuine server powered by NVIDIA GPUs was eventually created by the company. However, Cromai continued to expand quickly, gaining deals with five of the top 10 producers of sugarcane in Brazil.


Soil potential


Another one of the more than 1,300 agritech businesses in Brazil is called Quanticum.


Quanticum focuses on the microscopic nutrients found in big tracts, whereas Cromai employs AI to examine vast tracts. These are nanoparticles that have an effect on how well the soil can produce carbon, bioenergy, and food.


The reports Quanticum gives coffee, soy, and sugarcane farmers assist them in achieving more sustainable agronomic methods and soil regeneration.


AgriTech intelligence


By using AI to analyze satellite-delivered photos, the Indian firm SatSure enables financial institutions to lend to small farmers and guarantee their crops.


To make smart judgments in agriculture, a variety of data types are required, including field data, earth observation data, commodity pricing, weather forecasts, and media coverage.


Just a few of the ways that cutting-edge technologies, like AI, might usher in sustainable agriculture on a global scale are demonstrated by these firms. Their advancements are timely because we require innovative answers to the cascading issues of a growing population, dwindling land resources, the ongoing crisis of food insecurity, and increasingly dangerous climate risks.


Due to inefficiencies in the field and inadequate logistics systems, we currently waste more than half of our potential food output. The good news is that more food can be produced on less land in a more sustainable manner. As a result, we predict that startup founders will drive the boldest ideas and business alliances.


Source: Crunchbase News

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