Blockchain Pushes Forward an Evolution in Airline Management


Blockchain in Aviation


Blockchain has quickly become a ground-breaking technology that streamlines operations in a wide range of industries. Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants, claims that in addition to the BFSI and supply chain industries, the operations of aircraft firms are being transformed by blockchain’s boundless potential.


In the aviation industry, there is intense competition as many businesses compete for a larger market share. Offering the best features or prices at the smallest profit margins is the only way to stay in business. Blockchain improves workflow by cutting outefficient procedures and costs.


Blockchain is a flexible invention that adds value throughout the whole airline sector, from finance, procurement, marketing, interlinking to safe data tracking and sharing—the possibilities are unlimited, according to the HashCash CEO, a well-known blockchain pioneer.


The underlying technology of cryptocurrencies is used in a variety of ways in the aviation sector, including customer loyalty incentive programs, interlining and revenue sharing, slot management among airports, smart contract agreements for leasing engines or other parts, and more.


“Aviation executives need solutions that deliver results. Blockchain heralds the change, empowering them with abilities to surpass milestones through a secure and transparent architecture,” concluded Chowdhury, who had previously explained blockchain’s application in carbon reduction and smart climate tech solutions.


With products deployed in more than 26 countries on 6 continents, HashCash has been a global leader in blockchain innovation. The US-based business received high marks in blockchain development from a global business evaluation firm for its white label cryptocurrency exchange products. HashCash has recently made contributions in the fields of crypto, remittance, and metaverse gaming in nations such as the US, UAE, Vietnam, Brazil, and others.


Blockchain is essential to maximizing the operational efficiency of the aviation industry as operations resume and revenues catch up to pre-pandemic levels. Businesses looking to shift digitally and take advantage of growth prospects shouldn’t overlook adding blockchain to their current infrastructure.


Source: Cision

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