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Are Crypto Domains a Wise Investment

Are Crypto Domains a Wise Investment in 2020?

Have you heard about cryptocurrency? If not all, a lot of the people heard and know about cryptocurrencies since it has been out on the web since the 1990s. Many investors consider Bitcoin as the first and original cryptocurrency there is. It was outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous person or group, in the year 2008 and released to the public in the year 2009. Since its release, a lot of enthusiastic supporters of Bitcoin have started exchanging and mining the currency.

As of today, the entire system of Cryptocurrency is worth a massive amount of $267 billion and still rising. Thanks to the constant growth of its third-party platforms, blockchain project competitions, wallets, payment processors, and cryptocurrency brokers. They are all valuable reasons why the cryptocurrency is still a strong unregulated virtual currency in the market.

On the other note, the rise of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies paved the way to the in-demand selling and buying of Cryptocurrency domains. As you may think, each of these cryptocurrency businesses and projects has its own unique domain name on the web – in which some are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the popular domain names that are inclined with cryptocurrency and their projected value. – $350,000 – $2.75 million – $1 million – $11,995 – $35,995 – $65,000 – $99,888 – $19,195 – $2 million – $10 million

With the popularity of digital currencies unstoppably growing, the prices of the domain names attached to it are following the same path. The law of demand and supply states that as the demand increase: price increases, quantity increases. And as the demand decreases: price decreases, quantity decreases. Meaning to say, now that the trend for crypto and bitcoin is undoubtedly tracked in a consistent increasing rate, there will be more demand for domain names that are inclined with cryptocurrency. It means that investing on crypto domains will be a good start for all domain hoarders and investors.

Let’s take for example the domain which was sold at the price of $20K in 2009. As the demand for the cryptocurrency domain hit its peak in the year 2017, this certain domain, was sold in an excellent profitable amount of $2million. Now, the website is dedicated to ethereum mining.

There’s a lot of crypto domains that are squatted and sold for a profit. Now, you may think that it is just the right time to get yourself a domain or set of domains that will reap great profits in the right time. DO IT. Why? Precisely because crypto doesn’t seem to let go of the market and it keeps on appreciating its value.

According to Mike McGlone, Bloomberg’s Senior Commodity Strategist, that we can expect the bitcoin price to double in the coming years. He also added that Bitcoin is now mirroring the 2016 return to its peak.

There is a risk in investing, but investing in a domain in a market niche that has proven itself for decades is another story. Just be wise in selecting crypto domain names and always apply the 5 tips in choosing a brand name.




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