Startup Names is ‘Your Saving Grace’


BigDad is ‘Your Saving Grace’


People say that no small stone can create a ripple to start a business leaving an impression on the market. 


Brand, as defined by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, it is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, it is an impression and story you have instilled in the people’s mind. 


To last long, a good business must have a branding that would be knowable, likable, and trustable, like John Jantsch – a marketing consultant.


For new, small, or starting entrepreneurs, you might consider reaching out to professionals or experienced persons to create your brand. You probably would consider Brandpa or Brandbucket. Both of them offer a domain with a cost. Brandbucket offers at a starting price of $670 while Brandpa domain starts at $2000.  


As to reviews, Brandbucket is rated five-star, but it is expensive. Brandpa, on the other hand, is remarked by its customer by smooth transactions. The two offer the same service. It’s just that, as stated by Brandpa on their footer that they offer additional benefits. Still looking for another domain source? Startup Names would do it for you.


Launching this December 12, 2020, Startup Names is a full-service digital branding agency based in Australia that offers entrepreneurs’ start-up. Their service includes complete digital branding and marketing service.


As enumerated from the site, the service includes business names, domain delivery, logo creation, edits, etc. The startup brand names are fully selected and picked through different criteria like radio, spell, memory tests, and length and brand-feel.


“In branding, the issue of the domain name is arguably one of the most important factors for an entrepreneur. What’s your business name going to be? What’s your URL? Is it Appealing? Is it Memorable? Those questions are extremely relevant to success in marketing and customer retention. That’s the problem we solve for start-up businesses. Your Brand Appeal is crucial. Customers decide in seconds whether they like the Brand name or not before deciding to probe further about the Product and Services” –  as discussed by Startup Names’s Jenny Garner, a brand and domain specialist.


Startup Names helps businesses to compete with other brands through an online presence with reasonable price offers to range from US$880 and could be higher than US$3000.


If you are planning to own your brand, try to check the Startup Names site at As the saying goes, your brand could be the next stone to ripple the business world.

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