Bought a Domain – What Next?


Bought a Domain - What Next?`


In my previous blogs, you’ll find answers to your queries about “Why” and “How” you should purchase a domain name for your brand.


Well, now that you’ve finally acquired the domain you desired, here comes the big question, “What Next?”


Planning to sit back and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds? 


Nahh! That’s not gonna happen.


If you think your job is done, you need to rethink.


First of all, to reinforce your brand’s online presence, you need a riveting website. But before you get into the content marketing strategies that can make it look appealing, start sowing the seeds of your presence by purchasing a requited domain name.


If you already have a domain name but cannot figure out how to move ahead, then this blog is drafted for YOU.


Your 1st Step Should Be- Synchronizing Domain & Host


A domain account and a hosting account are like conjoined twins, practically inseparable. If you’ve bought a domain account, you should most likely buy the host next. And then, start hosting your website in a synchronized fashion.


Here’s a Pro Tip for you


If you are unable to find a source to purchase the hostname, try and check the same source from where you bought the domain. Follow these simple steps to buy a hostname-


  1. Log in with your registered name.
  2. Reproduce the nameservers given by your host in the nameserver placeholders.
  3. There’s nothing left for you to do.

Now Create A Unique Domain Specific Email ID For Your Brand


Any business stands out among others when it has a domain-specific email address. To the users, such enterprises look and sound comparatively professional. Based on your investments in hosting, you can set up one or multiple professional email ids for your brand.


These professional emails are nothing but contact points where people reach out to you when they want to enquire about something, or better yet, communicate with you. Users realize that it is not a casual email, and the recipient is a functional individual of the organization.


It’s always advisable to customize your brand email address with your hostname at the end. Honestly, it’s just sensational!


Next You Got To Sync Your Social Media Handles Steadfastly


The tried and tested approach to skyrocket your business to reach the masses is to advertise and promote it where millions of people are available online. Yeah, you heard me right. You can give your business the required momentum of growth and visibility by linking it to social media handles. Personal or professional, no matter what it is, social media gives a boost to your marketing campaigns.


With a purchased domain and a unique brand name, you can create a verified social media handle that can amplify the brand image. Don’t worry if your chosen name is taken. Try adding a prefix or a suffix to find a close match of the name that you prefer. And it’s done!


This is remarkably useful for those start-up businesses that have recently boarded their online journey. Verified social media handles help seekers to contact the company with ease and increase its throughput. What more can you ask for?


Website Objectives


With your domain and hostname ready, now you have all the necessary tools to go live with your business. To be honest, establishing a website with no defined objective is nothing less than a nightmare.


Experts recommend business owners to create a blueprint of their website first and list down a set of chronological objectives. Will it be a blog site or an e-commerce page, or a tabloid? You should be crystal clear about that.


Once you’ve set the website objectives and keep up with it along the journey, you will not regret investing in a premium domain or hostname.


A Word To The Wise-


Create a checklist to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the above pointers. Your online presence is all set to escalate, depicted sharp and professional. Customize it as you please and be the wizard of creativity behind a successful website.


Author- Dhruvisha Jain

Dhruvisha is a freelance content writer and copywriter with expertise in writing blogs about Robotics and Automation, Branding and Marketing, Educational Courses, and many more topics. Dhruvisha helps businesses build a strong online presence by communicating their brand ideology effectively.

You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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