Wordplay on Fleek: Coining Killer Brand Names with Slang and Puns


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So you’re building an urban brand, dripping with streetwise style and an attitude that’s all its own. But when it comes to a name, you’re drawing a blank. Fear not, fellow hustler! This blog is your guide to crafting a unique brand name using the secret weapons of wordplay and slang.


Rhyme and Reason: Making Your Brand Memorable


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Our brains love a good rhyme. It’s catchy, sticks in the memory, and subconsciously creates a sense of trust. Think about it: “Fresh to Death” rolls off the tongue easier than “Pretty Cool Apparel,” right? Here are some ideas to get your rhyme on:


  • Double entendre delights: Think “Sole Mates” for a shoe store, just like the footwear giant Foot Locker uses a play on words. “Haute Mess” for a vintage clothing line is another example, with a nod to the high-fashion world (haute couture)
  • Classic consonance: “Lit Lounge” for a bar or “Fly Kicks” for sneakers. Notice how brands like Nike and Adidas also leverage consonance for easy recall.


Puns that Punch: Wordplay with a Wink


A well-placed pun shows your brand has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to be playful. It can also be a great way to subtly hint at what you offer. Here’s how to pun-derfully craft a name:


  • Pop culture references: “Nacho Ordinary Cheese” for a gourmet cheese shop plays on the familiar phrase “not your ordinary.” Similarly, “Lord of the Fries” for a fast-food joint references the popular fantasy series “Lord of the Rings.”
  • Twist on everyday phrases: “The Daily Grind” for a coffee shop is a clever take on the daily routine of needing coffee. “Impasta Chef” for a cooking class company puts a funny spin on the word “imposter.”


Slangin’ it Right: Capturing the Urban Vibe


Slang is the lifeblood of urban culture. Using it in your brand name shows you’re in the know and understand your target audience. But be careful, slang can go stale fast. Here’s how to use it strategically:


  • Classic slang with a twist: “Threads” for a clothing store is a simple but effective use of slang, much like the urban apparel brand “Thrasher.” “Dope Beats” for a music production company uses a well-known term for something cool.
  • Invent your own slang: This can be risky, but if it catches on, it can become synonymous with your brand (think “Yeezys” by Kanye West).


Wordplay Dos and Don’ts: Craft a Name that Lasts


  • Do consider your target audience. What kind of wordplay would resonate with them?
  • Don’t be afraid to brainstorm a bunch of ideas – the worst name is no name at all!
  • Do check for trademark availability before you get too attached.
  • Don’t force the puns. If it feels awkward, it probably is.
  • Do make sure the name is easy to pronounce and spell.


Remember, your brand name is like your first impression. Make it count! With a little creativity and these tips, you can craft a wordplay masterpiece that’ll have your brand on everyone’s lips.


By: Nica Layug


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