.com is still on top of the game

What’s the best domain extension for Startups?


For the past years, you might be wondering why startups are opting for new domain extensions instead of sticking with the already reliable .COMs.

Extensions such as .TECH, .AI .IO are rounding up online. Can you believe that over 1500 domains has already been introduced? Sounds like something startups can try. However, would that be smart and beneficial for the new business?

.COM is still on top of the list when it comes to domain extensions. Looking at the data provided by Namecheap.com, .COM reigned as top on the list with a whopping 148.7M registered domains while .NET has 13.4M ranking as part of the top 5. The other 3 TLDs on the top 5 are country code domains which makes sense; in many countries, people prefer the local country code domain over .COM.

Why .COM is still on top of the game

Although many domain extensions have been introduced, why is everyone still fighting to get .com domain extensions for their businesses?


Research shows the .com has been recognized by many customers as trustworthy than other TLDs. Let’s say, business.com versus business.app what will you choose between these domain names?  It’s business.com. Because the domain names with .com extensions are what people got used to and looks trustworthy.


.COM gives your website protection. Let’s assume that you start a website as Mobile.com and there is a website on the internet in the same brand name but with a different domain extension as Mobile.net. The legal ownership of the brand name becomes yours with the .com extension because honestly, which among the two looks more legit? Therefore, it gives protection to your business.


Domain names with .com can easily memorize than other domain extensions. Researchers have found that people remembers domain names with .com domain extension over other TLDs.

Customer Recognition

Most people assume that a particular domain name ends up with a .com domain extension when they cannot remember or not sure the domain name. We all must have tried typing a business name plus adding a .com in the end even once in our life right? Customers trust .com extension over other extensions.

Global Reach

.com can be used for any type of business. If you start a website with your country’s code, it becomes a website available only in the country, or local website. But with.com extension you can get global customers to reach your website and get higher traffic because who wouldn’t like that!

Easy With SEO

Once you have created a website, it is a challenge to rank your website well. The .com is the domain extension that works best with the Search Engine Optimization(SEO). With a .com domain extension you have a better chance to rank well.

So to conclude..

Although the .com domain extension is considerably higher in price than many other domain extensions, you must have confirmed that it is worthy to go with the .com extension. Especially when you are starting a business and it is an ultimate trend to use .com for your domain name.

Here’s why:

  • Your customers assume the domain name should end up with .com.
  • .com domain names are trustworthy and memorable compared to the other TLDs.
  • Can get a higher customer traffic on your website.
  • .com is the dominant TLD on the internet.

.COM extensions are way pricey but not with us, StartupNames.com provides budget-friendly domain names that you can’t find in any other websites. We assure you. Just check out or .COMS!

Author: Nica Layug (2021)


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