Decoding the Unique Selling Proposition


Decoding the Unique Selling Proposition


You must have come across this terminology multiple times during your business endeavors, everyone talks about their brand USP but what exactly is this Unique Selling Proposition?


Before we begin, I assume you would agree with me that marketing a product or a service that you are providing isn’t a cakewalk anymore. You must be pretty aware of the immense struggle it takes to grab the attention of your customers, and sell any product to them. Well, to be honest, establishing a virtuous USP could be the key to success for your brand.


No wonder, Unique Selling Proposition or USP is one of the most crucial terminologies in the world of marketing and advertising, and it refers to a distinct feature of the product that can help your brand to differentiate itself from its competitors and more importantly, highlight the unique benefits in front of your customers.


If I speak from a layman’s point of view, “A USP or unique selling point defines how your product is better than your competitors in a short, yet significant manner”


In today’s world full of competition, USP is one of the major aspects which helps in generating leads and getting noticed by your consumers with scrutinized efforts. Whenever I come across brand USP, a few questions immediately pop up my mind.


What is the unique factor that none of your competitors have?


What distinguishes you from your competitors?


What exactly is the importance of USP in branding?


Here’s a way to think about it, whenever you are advertising a product or service that you are providing, it is very important to have a clear vision of the message you are trying to convey to your customers. Having a short and concise USP could help you keep an eye on your marketing goals and position your product above your competitors.


Besides that, your brand USP also helps identify a clear path for your business and develop a professional brand personality in the market. Moreover, it is very often observed that consumers don’t reconsider products or services every time they are about to purchase the same thing. To make their daily life a bit easier, people usually organize things into tiers, like the safest car, the most reliable smartphone, and so on. In any case, if you are not able to identify your USP, you are surely going to have a tough time convincing your customers in the long run. 


By the way, how do you write an eye catchy USP for your brand?


Being an integral part of the industry for the past few years, we have noticed that people are a bit confused with the literal meaning of USP. For that, you should always remember that a brand USP is not just a tagline, but several things should be considered while defining a strategic USP, which would potentially generate leads for your brand.


It is certainly true that every USP is unique and there isn’t any secret sauce to create one for your business, but, better yet, there are a few steps that you should follow to keep yourself on the right track.


At BigDad, we customize your brand name, a get-along business logo, and more importantly, help you draft an eccentric USP that differentiates your brand from the lot.


And here’s my two cents for you-


1. Study your Competitors-


First things first, you should keep a close eye on your competitors. You should know their approach to solving similar problems. Understand the way they communicate with their customers and of course, their USPs.


2. Fill in the Gaps-


Keep track of all the gaps and fill in the void through your branding by potentially introducing your brand in a solution-oriented way. Check if there are any needs that your competitors aren’t fulfilling yet and get it done your way.


3. Draft a compelling USP-


Take all the collected data, compile them, and build a short and concise USP, which instills trust in the customers and at the same time encourages their actions and conversions, eventually leading to loyal customers.


And believe me, if you follow these tips while defining your brand USP, half of the deal is already yours. For the rest, stay tuned with


Author- Dhruvisha Jain

Dhruvisha is a freelance content writer and copywriter with expertise in writing blogs about Robotics and Automation, Branding and Marketing, Educational Courses, and many more topics. Dhruvisha helps businesses build a strong online presence by communicating their brand ideology effectively.

You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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