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Brandmarkets at Your Service

If you are to attend a ball, wouldn’t it be better if you got a person to walk down the red carpet with that grand suit or gown? How about your grand business ideas – have you ever thought of having a partner to start walking with and make that business remarkable? 

Branding, as claimed by various entrepreneurs and consultants, defines you and your business. It is not just a mere name or elements put together but an identity in which the crowd could remember the offers and services you can provide.

 Another thing about branding is that it takes risks and works of art to put up a name or a startup. You would possibly consume time and effort in building one – probably you would consider searching the net for help. 

Have you ever heard of domain markets? Markets that provide you names along with other components that will help you to build your own. Commonly, these markets offer name, logo, and domain depending on the customer’s desired brand provides, of course, it would cost a little bit extra if you choose among their premium offers.

Here are some domain markets that you could choose from:  


Launched way back in 2007 by its Founder CEO Margot Bushnaq, Brandbucket offers a service that includes a logo, name, and domain chosen by the client. Their price ranges from $670 to $2,000,000.00. If you are to visit their site, you will see categories to choose from. They are a five-star rated based on Trustpilot, and their service was remarked as professional and efficient.



“Our marketplace of names can lead you to a moniker that is perfect for who and what you are. Our names are unique and brand ready; all you have to do is select one, and you’re off and running with a solid base to build upon.” as described on their site. Brandroot is a premium name generator that keeps over 20,000 names to choose from. It is an extension of BrandBucket.



Founded in 2016 by Jowita Emberton, Brandpa is more like Brandbucket. They offer almost the same as Brandbucket. Payment can be through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.



Led by Mike Navarini, Namerific is a domain market. If you are to search for their price range, there would be no information about the pricing unless you have contacted their team.



Also, a domain and name generator, whose offered names are selected by branding professionals. Confidentiality is also practiced. As claimed by the company, the links connected to Novanym would be cut off, and nobody will know that you had a transaction with them. Premium price range is from $1,500 to about $4,500


Startup Names

Launching this upcoming December 12, the same purpose with Brandbucket and Brandpa offers ranges of name and domain to interested buyers. Startup names are carefully selected through different aspects such as length, radio test, spell test, memory test, and brand-feel. They also provide a free logo design package along with their domain.

They start at $880 compared to other brands, which is how they claim “frugal and fair pricing.” 

“Since startups and established businesses compete to win with expert online brand strategies, we help and partner to establish this presence through our digital branding experience,” as stated by Jenny Gardner, a Brand & Domain Specialist at BigDad.


Brandmarkets are everywhere and there’s a lot of them claiming to be serving the best offers. Upon knowing some of them, you can now walk down the red carpet with a brand that will mark your presence in the industry; remember, take a walk with a reliable partner.


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