The Power of Duality: Brand Names with Double Meanings


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In the crowded marketplace, brands fight for a sliver of our attention. A catchy name can be the difference between getting lost in the noise and sparking intrigue. But what if a name could do double duty? Enter the world of brand names with double meanings, where a clever turn of phrase can create a memorable and multi-layered identity.


Why Duality?


PUMA is a brand to trust in - PUMA CATch up


Double meanings tap into the human brain’s love for a good puzzle. When we encounter a name with a hidden layer, it sparks a moment of curiosity and delight. This “aha!” moment strengthens brand recall and creates a more positive association. It’s like getting a bonus for remembering the name – a secret handshake with the brand itself.


Think Beyond the Obvious


Some brand names with double meanings are quite literal. Think of Dove, which can refer to the peaceful bird or a bar of soap. But the most interesting examples use wordplay or subtle references.


Here are a few examples:


  • Amazon: The world’s largest online retailer cleverly references the vast Amazon rainforest, hinting at the company’s seemingly endless selection.


  • Virgin: This airline name can be interpreted as a nod to its founder, Richard Branson’s, lack of prior experience in the industry, or a reference to its fresh, unburdened approach to air travel.


  • Puma: This athletic brand’s name is not just a big cat, but also a play on the Latin word “pumice,” a lightweight volcanic rock, symbolizing the brand’s focus on performance footwear.


The Benefits of Duality


There are several advantages to using a brand name with a double meaning:


  • Memorable: The hidden layer adds an extra hook that helps consumers remember the name.


  • Brand Story: It can subtly communicate the brand’s values or mission.


  • Versatility: A double meaning can allow the brand to evolve and resonate with different audiences over time.


Crafting Your Own Double Entendre


Thinking of creating a brand name with a double meaning? Here are some tips:


  • Start with a strong core meaning: Make sure the primary meaning of the name is clear and relevant to your brand.


  • Brainstorm wordplay: Explore synonyms, puns, and references that connect to your brand identity.


  • Test and refine: Get feedback from different audiences to see if the double meaning lands as intended.


Duality: A Powerful Tool


A brand name with a double meaning can be a powerful tool to set your brand apart. By using wordplay and hidden layers, you can create a name that is memorable, meaningful, and sparks curiosity. So, the next time you’re brainstorming brand names, think about the power of duality – it might just be the secret ingredient your brand needs.


By: Nica Layug


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