Embedded Finance And Fintechs: How They Complement Each Other


The new era of financial services is called Embedded Finance


The fintech (financial technology) market is expanding quickly and entering a new frontier. To better satisfy the needs of new, highly digital customer segments, a completely new ecosystem of firms that collaborates with traditional and alternative financial services providers is forming behind large consumer-facing brands.


These companies are devoted to enhancing customer outcomes and offering genuinely personalized service; they are not so much disruptors as they are enablers. The most exciting opportunity for fintech companies is in this shift away from chasing after customers, cash, and cards from rival incumbents and toward a laser-like focus on updating antiquated procedures and avoiding data “black holes” that are preventing the industry from providing the truly seamless, individualized services that consumers demand.


The emergence of embedded finance


Charting the course for embedded finance - International Finance


The integration of financial services by large banks and well-known companies is a great illustration of how fintech is developing to achieve these objectives. Embedded finance is fundamentally the digital integration of financial services such as insurance, loans, and bank accounts with non-financial businesses like stores or auto dealers. Even though the term embedded finance may not be known to the ordinary High Street joe, most individuals have undoubtedly come across it in some form. The use of embedded finance is becoming more widespread, whether it is the offer of a store credit card at the checkout of a department store or being offered financial choices to spread the expense of a significant purchase (yes, Buy Now, Pay Later [BNPL] is a sort of embedded finance).


The essential necessity for businesses to offer their consumers the individualized services required to support a product-led growth strategy is satisfied by embedded finance.


Where is the opportunity?


Customer behavior has undergone a seismic upheaval as a result of this pandemic. Customers turned more and more to digital channels as accessibility focused exclusively on the internet and businesses like banks and shops were abruptly closed due to constraints. In response to this desire, embedded finance has become ingrained in the daily consumer journeys of millions of people.


If embedded finance is so widespread, where is the room for forward-thinking, innovative fintechs to build their names? Simply put, there are five main factors that make it extremely challenging for traditional suppliers to deploy effective solutions:




To ensure that it gathers enough information on both sides—the customers and the financial services providers—to match one with the other, embedded finance needs a significant volume of data. Offering loans that the customer would not be qualified for can only result in frustration and enmity between the two parties. Specialized fintech companies have the platforms, algorithms, and data technologies to swiftly and accurately match providers with clients.


Legacy systems


Many traditional financial services organizations will be using aging technology that is already able to process enormous amounts of data. Many people are naturally reluctant to take the inherent risk associated with migration. Working with fintechs to implement software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is an excellent method to avoid that risk and deliver a useful service that complements core services.


Emerging rivals


We are already witnessing a slew of non-financial services brands beginning to enter the embedded-finance area as a result of many traditional financial services providers moving more slowly than nimbler firms. In this industry, inertia translates to going backward, therefore providers must work with fintechs to restore their competitive edge.


New customer bases


One notable example of consumer fintech’s success is its ability to draw in a new, younger customer base and introduce them to the broad range of financial services products the sector has to offer. With this new client often focused on simplicity, speed, and choice rather than brand or industry pedigree, embedded finance is a wonderful approach for traditional suppliers to compete with rivals for attracting—and retaining—this new customer.


Customers know when you are meeting their needs


The customer is king in the new post-pandemic, cost-of-living-crisis scenario. They are also very well informed, so they can simply discover someone who does if you don’t satisfy their needs. Traditional financial services providers are now less reluctant to refer customers to other market participants when they are unable to provide a specific service or product, thanks to the proliferation of digital marketplaces, comparison websites, and regulations driving the “shopping around” agenda.


Providing extra partner-led services helps the consumer, improves the provider’s reputation, and encourages repeat business while also enjoying the added benefit of adding commercial value through commission and transfer fees. Meeting the demands of the customer becomes key.


What does the future hold for embedded finance?


We anticipate that embedded finance will advance and become more pervasive in the financial life of the great majority of consumers. More industries are starting to realize their potential to benefit from this transformation as innovation continues to accelerate. Take the utility and energy sector, where companies are working to make solar panels more accessible and affordable.


Data manipulation and mining are also being improved to enable fintechs to offer ever-more-tailored services. This includes enhancing the technical delivery of embedded finance, which necessitates a large technological investment to bear fruit.


Source: International Banker

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