Fascinating Crypto Domain Sales


Fascinating Crypto Domain Sales


Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology have become popular terms and are now featured in most dictionaries. These days, digital currency domains are prime real estate, with some selling for up to seven figures.


Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than 10 years and the entire system is worth more than $250 billion. Most wanted crypto domains include Blockchain.com, Bitcoin.com, Ethereum.com, Crypto.com, Btc.com, and Bitcoin.org. For example, Ethereum.com was registered on March 11, 2011. It has no relation to the blockchain technology, which later adopted the same name. Ethereum.com is now for sale for at $10,000,000 USD.


Ethereum is now next to Bitcoin for crypto so the high price is definitely understandable. For the less popular crypto names, check out the prices they were being sold at in the marketplace.


Crypto Domain Names in Marketplace:


  • Bitcointransfer.co ($12,000)
  • 360crypto.com ($30,000)
  • Block-chain.com.de ($20,000)
  • Btcwallet.club ($10,000)
  • Tokenpay.es ($12,000)


Now that’s a lot of number for a crypto domain which was not as popular as before.


Between September and November 2017, domain names involving crypto could range between $2,000 to $4,000 and on October 22 average prices touched a high of $75,000. Just imagine the prices now that it’s 2021!


Following the current trend, it has been said that if you want to invest and dive into the crypto domains, the keywords to focus on in .com, .org, .io include Bit, Btc, Bitcoin, Crypto, Coin, Chain, Block, Blockchain, Faucet, Token, and Airdrop.


Now if you think you’re a little late in the game, fear not as we at StartupNames, we make purchasing your internet addresses as smooth and as budget-friendly as possible!


We offer great crypto names such as:

  1. PayingToken.com
  2. CryptoGoodwill.com
  3. CryptocurrencyRanking.com
  4. CoinZig.com
  5. CryptosTech.com
  6. BitcoinMagnets.com
  7. CryptoSniping.com and more!


Check out more crypto names here! You want it, it’s just a click away!


Author: Nica Layug

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