Forwarding Domain Names to Your LinkedIn Profile

Forwarding Domain Names to Your LinkedIn Profile

I noticed that a few domain investors forward at least some of their higher value domain names to their LinkedIn profile. I think this is a neat idea for a multitude of reasons.

When someone visits another person’s LinkedIn profile, the person whose page was visited will be able to see who visited unless the visitor has a paid account and chooses to browse anonymously. I would venture a guess that most people do not.

Why Forward a Domain Name to a LinkedIn Profile?

By forwarding a domain name to the owner’s LinkedIn profile, the owner will be able to get an idea of who is visiting. This, importantly, includes representatives from companies with that name. It also includes startup founders seeking out domain names for their company.

Forwarding a domain name to a LinkedIn profile allows a prospective buyer to know who to contact to make an offer to buy a domain name. The prospective buyer can contact the owner directly through LinkedIn or can search for an alternative channel for contacting the registrant.

Prospective buyers who land on a LinkedIn profile will be able to learn more about the registrant of the domain name. Perhaps they will realize the owner of the domain name is an expert about domain name valuation and will perhaps make a better effort to acquire a domain name.

When forwarding a domain name to a LinkedIn profile, there is no pricing or valuation guidance given. I would imagine there could be lots of tire kickers or lowball offers. This isn’t much different than a standard inquiry form without pricing guidance though, so it might not be a drawback for some people.

One possible drawback I can imagine is that a trademark holder could potentially claim that using a forward to LinkedIn is not a bonafide good faith usage of the domain name. Personally, I think that is bullsh*t, but companies will make claims to try and not pay market value to buy a domain name. I can’t gauge what the risk level for that is though since I have no legal expertise.

Forwarding a domain name to your LinkedIn profile is a neat idea. If you’ve tried it, feel free to share your results.


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