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About StartUpNames

StartUpNames is an enterprising Digital Branding Agency based in Sydney, Australia.
With combined experience we create “Cutting edge” Brand presence on the web.
We handpick, curate, and select the Best Start-up Names based on a variety of criteria such as

– Domain Length (Shorter the better!)
– Radio test (Can a person hear it and Reproduce without errors?)
– Memory test (Does it pass the ‘Crowded Bar’ test?)
– Brand-feel (Does it sound Appealing, is it Positive?)
– Amongst other Key parameters like User-age appeal, relevant Industry appeal etc.

StartUpNames’s Name Analysts and Logo Designers create and position “The Brand” with:

– Stimulating Naming Conventions (Unique, Creative, Positive & Memorable)
– Logo Design (Distinctive, Inventive, Catchy & Vibrant)

Each of the brand names are created with the End Business users and their Customers in mind. Startup community needs foremost, a Good brand name to be competitive in the Marketplace. Also, equally important is that it HAS a matching URL.

It is important that your customer knows that you are “Invested in YOUR Business” and everyone today judges that very quickly! Venture Capitalists notice & decide, even before they even see the Presentation!

The single most respected business domain is a .COM extension. No exceptions sorry 🙂
Also, numbers or Hyphens in a Name is a Big No-No! As it just would not pass the Radio test.
Try saying on the Phone, is it “two, to, or 2”? A spelling mistake in the URL would take the customer to the competitor’s page!

We at StartUpNames have over 3000+ handpicked and curated .COM and .COM.AU in Inventory. Ourn ame analysts look at the Branding trends in the Industry, and compile Brand names with a matching URL secured (mostly in the aftermarket autions) and the key to this brand creation is frugal and fair pricing. If you look at competitive sites their average Price is $3000 mininimum and above, whereas our average price is kept at $880 for similar quality names, if not better!

And most importantly, we will Hand-render your Logo, with revisions as required by you.

BigDad’s Portfolio of Domain assets are Premium, Trending & SEO friendly names only.
With a GOOD Domain Brand, you are already 50% towards SUCCESS… (Hashtag Credibility!)

Best wishes, from the team at StartUpNames!

Wondering how StartUpNames works?

Have a question on the types of business names we offer?

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about the process of purchasing a Business name through our site, Domain Delivery, Logo creation and Edits required, policies, T&Cs etc.

Why use StartUpNames to find a business name?

StartUpNames’s Name Analysts work to create a Unique Business Name that can be Branded easily.

Business Trends are taken into consideration and the names are modified with key Adjectives that makes the Brand feel Positive and recognizable.

Attention is given to Memory test and Radio test.  These unique Business names can be categorized in one of the 5 following ways:

Real Names –
Mis-spelled Names –
Abstract –
Acronyms –
Visual –
WordPlay –

Naming can be a frustrating experience and settling for a name which feels “just Okay” is the number one cause for disappointment amongst start-ups.

So, get the Name you are Proud of and why settle for mediocre, when Premium names are affordable on You can also use our free business name generator.

What Domain name extensions are available on StartUpNames?
We only register the following Domain TLD Extensions:


.COM is a Global Commercial extension and well respected in the Business community.

There are several other extensions such as .IO or .LY etc but Internet users tend to be less trusting of these lesser known extensions.  87% users surveyed in a Trust ranking survey of Website trust factors, mentioned that they will not give their Credit card information if it was not a .COM TLD.  Hence we Brand Start-ups for Future success.
What do I get when I buy a Name from StartUpNames?

When you purchase a Name on StartUpNames, you get the following:

1)      The Domain name (transferred to your registrar of choice)
2)      The Logo in High Definition (JPEG and editable .AI vector file)
3)      You can request for Edits on the Logo and our Designers will be happy to assist.
4)      Trademarks (if any have been applied for) – applicable to some Premium domains

How is my Purchase secure on StartUpNames?

Your payments are held securely in Escrow until the domain name you have purchased is transferred to you. 

This Secured Handover process continues until Confirmation that your Registrar (say GoDaddy, UniRegistry etc) has secured the Domain on behalf of you. If for any reason the domain name could not be transferred, your funds are guaranteed to be returned to you. BigDad uses SSL encrypted Payment Gateways like Paypal and Stripe (Debit cards) and Credit cards such as AMEX, Visa, and Mastercard to protect all of your personal and payment information.

Transfer Out Process

Once the domain is purchased, and after the funds have been confirmed by the intermediary payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, Alipay), we will send over the transfer out EPP code and you can request the transfer from your obtaining registrar.  Transfers take just a few hours to complete.

What is StartUpNames's refund policy?

In case of change of mind, for whatever reason after purchase, you have a 24 hour period to request for a Full refund credit. There will be a small Admin charge of $30 for the Refund process. We will be glad to refund the Purchase price minus the Admin charge, as a Credit and No questions asked. However, past the 24 hour gestation period, the Domain transfer process would be kick-started and a Refund post that point will not be possible, as you can imagine.

Are the prices Negotiable?

Unfortunately, the Prices are Not Negotiable as we have kept them at least 25% below Market Sales. We do not Hike up the Price in the first place.

The list price marked on the website is the Buy-It-Now Price for the Brand name. Unlike our competitors, we have kept the prices relatively low and have given the Comparable Sales of domains where applicable and also an Appraisal value. So feel free to do your research & compare our Prices. You will be Pleasantly pleased with what you get at BigDad, and that is our assurance!

What payment options do you accept?

Our Secure SSL online checkout accepts wire transfers and all major credit cards.

This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club and all other major credit and Debit cards as we use Paypal and Stripe gateways.

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