Great Café Concept Idea Startups

Coffee shops are places where students study their readings and cram for exams, where business transactions are discussed and contracts are signed, and where first dates and friendships are formed. People come here to have delicious coffee and good talks, but the pandemic has kept them apart. Coffee’s social aspect has reduced, and it is now more possible to enjoy it at home.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the food and beverage industries. Many restaurants, cafes, and bars have been forced to close under lockdown since large-scale businesses are no longer viable owing to the loss of social visits in 2020.

The good news is that coffee is ingrained in our daily routine. Whatever the case may be, people will always seek for high-quality coffee. The point is that just the habit, not the passion for coffee, has changed. When consumer behavior shifts, coffee shop operators can adapt and respond.

Let’s have some fun and look at some of these coffee shop concepts that are listed below.


1. Coffee and Laundromat

A winning coffee business concept is to combine a laundromat with a coffee shop under one roof. You, like other businesses that require consumers to wait, want to make the wait more pleasant. Customers at your laundromat will gladly pay for coffee to pass the time.

2. Coffee and Shared Workplace

Freelancers, gig economy workers, and millennials flock to shared workspaces. The majority of them cannot function without coffee! You may simply turn an industrial or commercial facility into a shared workplace that others can rent to work in if you own it. Furthermore, the cost of space is negligible. Don’t forget to set up a fast internet connection and some tasty coffee.

3. Coffee and Photography Studio

Adding a coffee bar to a photography studio is a great strategy to keep regular clients as well as photographers. Your coffee shop might have benefited from photo displays. Bringing photographers together in a comfortable setting where they can network, share, and discuss ideas is a viable approach.

4. Coffee and Hair Salon

You’ve probably seen this photo before: ladies reading magazines while waiting for their hair to be coloured with foil in their hair. Make your customers’ waiting time more pleasurable. Aside from that, your clients might wish to acquire a cup of coffee before or after their hair is done. A decent cup of coffee is a terrific method to expand your hair salon’s clientele.

5. Coffee and Beauty Salon

After a soothing beauty service, every lady understands how great it is to unwind with a cup of coffee. Treat your customers to luxurious body care and tasty coffee. Furthermore, if your customers are accompanied by children, friends, or partners, they will have a place to stay while they wait.

6. Coffee and Bookstore

Coffee and books are a great combination. A coffee shop bookstore is a winning concept that has been proven time and time again to be successful. You may develop a successful symbiosis whether you operate your own used book store or want to piggyback on an existing bookstore. Customers who drink coffee in a coffee shop bookstore are more likely to buy books, postcards, and other things, increasing revenues!

7. Coffee and Smoke Shop/Cigar Lounge

Here, we’re thinking outside the box. Coffee and cigars go together so well because they both have distinct, rich flavors that appeal to some people. While alcohol may be supplied, some customers may elect not to consume alcohol and drive. Coffee and cigars have similar flavors that complement one other. It has the potential to deliver a wonderful experience if done correctly. You can be sure that your cigar club will always be full of clients if you balance the flavor of cigars and coffee, provide the correct setting and environment, and provide the proper setting and atmosphere.

8. Coffee and Board Game Store

Many board game stores host gaming nights for board game enthusiasts. Many people enjoy drinking coffee or any other beverage while gaming. In addition, if business is slow, coffee would attract a large number of new clients to your board game shop. Another kid-friendly coffee shop idea that is exciting for the whole family is a coffee game store.

9. Coffee and Tattoos

Here are a few more figures. At least one tattoo is worn by 35% of Americans. Approximately a third of them intend to get another ne. These individuals may visit your tattoo parlor to discuss the design or to schedule an appointment. Seeing a coffee shop may also encourage them to purchase coffee. Other customers who aren’t looking for a tattoo may come for the concept, coffee, and unique atmosphere.

10. Coffee and Cannabis

Are you looking for a way to make a lot of money in the coffee industry? Cannabis cafes are a popular concept in Amsterdam with a long history. In many places of the united states, such as Washington, California, and Colorado, the possibilities are obvious. If you want to open a cannabis store, expect to pay a lot of money up front, put in a lot of work, and get a lot of help with taxes. Combining cannabis with coffee and pastries, on the other hand, could be a winning combination. After all, everyone knows that after smoking cannabis, people grow hungry and may require a jolt, so why not capitalize on this economic opportunity?

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