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Guide To A Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

In this millennia, the journey of every successful start-up, SME, or entrepreneur begins on the internet.

To have an extra edge in business or to get noticed by a wider audience, you need to have great content and more importantly, a website.

But if you are still not sure what kind of name you should choose for your website, this article will walk you through some important aspects before you shortlist a domain name for your brand.

As an entrepreneur or a start-up founder, you must know the constants and variables in the business world. For any profession or business type, there can be new hiring, new employees, new resources, new web page design, etc. but not a name change every day.

One thing that remains constant from the start, is the domain name. As soon as you buy a domain with an exclusive name, that becomes symbolic to your enterprise and stays with you for as long as your brand exists, probably even more.

1. Choose the Right Extension.

There are many domain extensions available on the web, each having some unique properties. But I bet you will agree with me, nothing beats .com, the most popular domain extension.

Human psychology trusts a website with a .com extension more than any other site. Instinctively, when we type a company name, the algorithm mostly suggests the .com extension, even though we may or may not be aware of the actual URL. Hence, the value of a domain name ending with this suffix is much higher in the marketplace.

Other preferred domain extensions are – .org, .net, .io, .co, etc.

But most businesses and consumers still prefer to use a .COM as that showcases you ARE at the Top of your Business.

2. Exempt The “Phone Test”

This is 2021, guys. And unless you are buying a domain that passes the phone test, take a step back and think again.

This test is exceptionally easy. Just call your near and dear ones and tell them about your preferred domain name.

Try saying on the Phone, is it “two, to, or 2”? A spelling mistake in the URL would take the customer to the competitor’s page!

If you don’t hear them asking you “Pardon?” or “Come again?”, you have passed the phone test, which means users can talk about your website and pronounce your domain name without stuttering or making mistakes.

Can you imagine how great that feels?

The name of your business is the single most important factor that determines the future of your brand and if customers don’t find it easy enough to pronounce, it’s definitely not a good sign.

3. Stay Away From Copyright Violation

A professional businessman does not copy from others. For people to confer trust in your business, your domain name should pass all copyright infringements.

Before you end up deciding the name of your domain, it is imperative to research properly, make sure that you do not violate the terms and conditions or any existing brand copyright policies.

A small instance is that the popular web hosting site, WordPress, does not allow users to have a domain name with “WordPress” since it infringes the copyrights of business.

4. Avoid Hyphens In Domain Names

Hyphenated domain names were quite popular in the past but due to the constant change of Search Engine algorithms from time to time, they are not considered to be user-friendly now.

Any business owner aims to secure a high rank in the SERPs. A great piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs and start-up owners is to watch out for hyphens in domain names.

Find a quirky, unique, and eye-catching domain name that is easy to type for users, yet grabs an eye every single time you mention it.

5. Hunt For A Premium Name

As luck may have it, after spending days selecting good domain names, most people are crestfallen when they realize the chosen name is already taken.

So, what’s next?

To help such individuals, we have come up with a unique solution of offering premium domain names that resonate well with your business. You can look for unique, unclaimed domain names in our repository and instantly buy one such as,, etc. in just five minutes. is a One-Stop solution where you can buy top-notch domain names and make your venture unique, premium, and professional.

Attention is given to Memory test and Radio test.  These unique Business names can be categorized in one of the 5 following ways:

And some other great Names like:

Now before I wrap up, here’s what I mean,

Standing out among thousands of websites with an out-of-the-box domain name may not be as easy as it sounds.

But those who have read this will now be able to implement these tips and tricks to find the appropriate domain name and a distinctive brand for themselves, and ace online business.

Choose by:

Cheers to your upcoming venture!

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