How to Create a Logo

How to Make a Logo

A step-by-step guide to designing a custom logo for your brand or business.

In order to stand out online, it’s important to create a custom logo that can become synonymous with your brand or business. By creating a visual representation of your brand, visitors to your website will immediately recognize your work online and off.

With the Squarespace Logo Maker, you can design and download your own iconic logo for free, if you have a Squarespace account. Simply follow this step-by-step guide to get started.

01. Decide on a name for your brand.

First, it’s important to name your brand or business. Start by writing down a few possibilities. Once you have a few you like, search for them online. If there are several other businesses with that exact name, you may want to go back to the drawing board. Consider asking a few friends or family members to share their ideas as well.
Be unique, but thoughtful

Choose a name that not only speaks to the kind of business you’d like to grow, but also reflects your brand’s aesthetic. Think about how people would react when they see or hear the name. Will it convey the kind of work that you do? Does it fully express your brand’s mission? Run the name by a few trusted friends to get their feedback as well.

Buy a domain
After you have decided on your top brand names, it’s time to secure a domain. Check to see if the domains that reflect your brand are available. Keep in mind that you can choose from several TLDs. A TLD, or top-level domain, is the part of the URL that follows the last period, such as a .com, .org, or .net. Need help buying a domain? Check out this step-by-step guide to get started.

02. Determine what makes your brand unique

Once you’ve purchased a domain and committed to a brand name, it’s time to start thinking about your logo. Consider how this logo will reflect your brand’s mission or aesthetic. If you’re feeling stuck, start with the name itself. There may be a way to interpret your brand name into a visual logo that both represents the business and speaks to the work you do.
Explore other brand logos

Your logo needs to be completely unique, but you can still find inspiration in other brand logos. Seek out businesses that have a brand aesthetic you respect or feel similar to what you’d like to portray. Take notes on what does and doesn’t appeal to you about their logo. Write down features of your brand that you’d like to include in your logo so you can create something completely original. Once you have a few notes that align with your brand name, you can start exploring symbols.

03. Choose symbols or icons

Before you begin searching for symbols or icons, keep in mind that not every logo needs a graphic component. You can explore different font options and arrangements of the text of your name to see if a straightforward approach works for your brand. Different font spacing gives your logo character. Modern logos often add extra space between the letters. Use less space between letters for a more traditional look.

Explore the icon library
If you feel that your brand logo needs something special, explore the icon library within the Squarespace Logo Maker. You’re welcome to use the icon as part of your logo on your site. If you plan to use the icon outside your site, review the licensing details. To do so, click the icon author’s link in the bottom-right corner of the logo editor. The icons are provided by a third-party service, meaning your use of its icons is subject to their terms. Learn more in our Terms of Service.
Add a tagline

After choosing an icon you like, consider drafting a tagline for your brand. Taglines provide another level of brand recognition to your future clients or customers. A tagline can be a short summation of your mission statement, a brief description of your business, or a few words about yourself.
Pick a color scheme

Now that you have your icon selected and your tagline drafted, choose a color scheme for your logo. You may want a black and white version and a colorful version to vary the look of your marketing for years to come.

04. Remember to keep it simple

It’s easy to create a complex logo, cramming every important detail into the image and text. Ideal logos are simple, they say a lot without the visual clutter. A memorable logo expresses your idea through a powerful, focused design.

Already have a logo? Upload the image file to your Squarespace website so you can link your existing brand to your new web presence. Don’t forget to update your favicon, too.


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