Hyphenated Domain Name Sells for $61k

Hyphenated Domain Name Fetches Over $61k In Latest SEDO Weekly Sales Report

The hyphenated domain name “TN-I.com” sold at $61,990 this past week according to the latest SEDO.com weekly domain sales report. The web address is currently parked. I’ve always avoided hyphenated domains unless the words being used are ordinarily hyphenated or it separates two extremely popular words mostly used together. There are some instances where this works well, but with TN-I, let’s just say I’m not a fan of this one. Also notable is a .de domain “sound.de” that sold for a 31,500 EUR ($38,048.38) and a .org domain “Celestia.org” which fetched $23,400. The .de is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Germany.

Each week, SEDO releases a list of domain names which have been sold including highlights of .COM, ccTLDs and notable domains in ‘other’ TLD categories.

Here are the list of names that sold according to the weekly sales report between April 19, 2020 and April 25, 2021:

Domain name Price Currency
tn-i.com 61,990 USD
kvee.com 50,100 USD
staedtereisen.com 20,000 EUR
toybox.com 17,000 USD
powerwell.com 17,000 USD
godlovesyou.com 15,000 USD
keepaneye.com 12,000 USD
0019.com 10,099 USD
h2cloud.com 9,500 GBP
tikioutpost.com 9,500 USD
ezweed.com 7,500 USD
i4ni.com 6,500 USD
songbox.com 6,500 USD
tailandia.com 6,100 EUR
fitblast.com 5,900 USD
aorist.com 5,000 USD
antoniomaretti.com 4,800 USD
5lots.com 4,000 GBP
ltax.com 4,000 USD
girasole.com 3,700 EUR
criptovalute.com 3,500 EUR
trashcontainer.com 3,500 USD
caymanhomes.com 3,500 USD
kissdress.com 3,486 USD
cultup.com 3,300 USD
qonic.com 3,000 EUR
yumens.com 3,000 EUR
melodrama.com 3,000 EUR
etherea.com 3,000 USD
bittybits.com 3,000 USD
guardiangrowth.com 2,888 USD
dabco.com 2,800 USD
e-connected.com 2,800 USD
pharmshop.com 2,700 USD
empori.com 2,500 EUR
supertenant.com 2,500 USD
lawnful.com 2,395 USD
insurancegrades.com 2,390 USD
caravanventures.com 2,200 USD
jon44w.com 2,165 USD
elitetvonline.com 2,000 USD
veselo.com 2,000 USD
sound.de 31,500 EUR
mad.io 29,000 EUR
cargo.co 27,500 EUR
utn.de 25,000 EUR
kaffeemaschinen.de 20,000 EUR
yellow.us 20,000 USD
lp.de 7,500 EUR
grouper.eu 6,755 EUR
photowall.jp 5,000 USD
trading.me 5,000 USD
lifecredit.de 4,500 EUR
corpus.io 3,999 USD
aui.io 3,899 USD
interact.eu 3,880 EUR
eligible.co.uk 3,750 GBP
travelbase.de 3,750 EUR
dai.it 3,500 EUR
luv.co 2,999 USD
mohr.eu 2,650 EUR
coachmarketing.de 2,500 EUR
onestep.de 2,500 EUR
888casino.ca 2,500 USD
resistance.eu 2,499 EUR
wub.ch 2,490 EUR
ecoservices.fr 2,390 EUR
seniorenmesse.de 2,304 EUR
monk.in 2,150 USD
gruenwerker.de 2,001 EUR
immobilienverwaltung-digital.de 2,000 EUR
datakeeper.nl 2,000 EUR
celestia.org 23,400 USD
acorn.org 7,500 USD
remarkable.group 3,500 USD
porno.land 2,999 EUR
333.org 2,501 EUR
maili.net 2,288 EUR
saugroboter.net 2,200 EUR
couplestherapy.org 2,200 USD

As a reminder, SEDO does not include confidential sales many of which exceed the values of their publicly reported sales. Also only public sales over 2,000 USD are included in this report.

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