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Consider Things When Buying Domains


Consider Things When Buying Domains


When it comes to buying a domain name for your business or personal brand, there are a few things that you should check before you hit the checkout button.


Remember, the domain you choose today will be the anchor for your brand in the years to come. Hence, it is advised to check all the boxes below before proceeding any further.


Let’s begin now!


1. Check Your Competitors 


When you are entering a new industry, market, or demography, it is always advised to see how your existing competitors are performing to get a decent idea about the customer purchase cycle.


Research the keywords they are including, how their brand name is positioned, what domain extension they are using, etc. Furthermore, study their website and analyze how they are succeeding.


If you are planning to target the market using popular keywords, it is advised to use tools like Keyword Planner, SEMrush, etc. to know which ones should be used.


Additionally, you are advised to research local slang and pop culture references to develop a better idea of understanding.


2. Use Names That Are Short, Easy To Type And Remember 


There have been cases where people named their website “” and it doesn’t look good at all, no matter how much you prepare.


Even though they tried to use a simple sentence as a domain name, that didn’t work simply because it was long and hard to type, and there could be a typing error at any time. 


Yes, they could name it “” as a short form, but that wouldn’t work either because it isn’t easy to pronounce or promote as a brand.


Okay, so what we are trying to tell you is simple–use names that are short, simple, easy to remember, and type.


People should know how to pronounce and type your brand name as soon as they hear it.


Examples?,,, and so on.


This also helps in advertising your brand among your audience, since they will know what to search for as soon as they see or hear your ads.


3. Avoid Numbers At All Costs


Let’s be honest, do you want to name your brand “” or “”?


Such domain names present far more of a problem than any ordinary name, and the reason is simple – people don’t like names with numbers.


Customers want everything to be done within seconds, and when your domain name takes 10 minutes to type, it’s better to switch to something else, that is more convenient.


4. Avoid Trademarks And Copyrights


Before registering your favorite domain name, it is advised to research trademarks and copyrights.


Yes, you might be tempted to use the reputation of a well-known brand like Amazon and register the name with a new domain extension, and then use it to sell your products. 


It might start well until the legal team at Amazon comes across it and files a million-dollar lawsuit.


Or it might just be a case of coincidence where two brands have a similar name. Either way, a simple search on Google or at the Patent and Trademark Office will save you and your business from any potential lawsuit.


5. Don’t Forget To Check Social Media


Additionally, don’t forget to check whether a specific name is available for registration across multiple Social Media platforms.


It’s ideal to have a domain and respective social media handles match to create a stronger brand sense. It will also help customers to find their favorite brands easily on any platform, which will ultimately cement your brand position.


Or else, it will be a waste of time where you may have bought the name, but you may not be able to register the same on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So, choose wisely before it gets out of your hand.


In A Nutshell,


A domain name is not just a name, it is your brand identity that will ultimately decide if your brand will succeed or not and how much effort you’ll need to invest to make it reach the top.


Using a common name that most people can relate to is a popular solution to appeal as a brand when you are just starting and this approach has worked wonders for many successful businesses.


Using an uncommon name is equally good as long as people can relate to the brand, but what works is the right mix of these two that creates a positive impact on people’s minds.


Finding the right mix may not seem very easy at first, but believe me, if you invest your time by following our guide, you will realize the long-term benefits.


You can thank me later!


Author- Dhruvisha Jain

Dhruvisha is a freelance content writer and copywriter with expertise in writing blogs about Robotics and Automation, Branding and Marketing, Educational Courses, and many more topics. Dhruvisha helps businesses build a strong online presence by communicating their brand ideology effectively.

You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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