Telling Your Story: Using Metaphors and Similes in Company Names


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Company names are more than just labels. They’re your first impression, a chance to grab attention and tell your brand story. Metaphors and similes can be powerful tools in this storytelling, conjuring up vivid imagery and sparking instant connections with your audience.


Why use metaphors and similes in your brand name?


How To Use Metaphors To Inspire Creative Thinking - Andy Eklund


  • Evocative Imagery: A well-crafted metaphor or simile paints a picture in the mind’s eye. Think of “Twitter” – the name instantly brings to mind the rapid flow of short messages, like chirping birds.


  • Emotional Connection: Metaphors tap into deeper meanings and emotions. “Stonewall” for a social justice organization evokes a sense of strength and resilience.


  • Memorable: Unique and evocative names stick in the mind. “Slack” uses a metaphor for a relaxed and informal communication style.


Crafting Your Brand Metaphor or Simile


  • Identify Your Brand Essence: What are your core values and what problem do you solve? Are you innovative? Reliable? Empowering?


  • Find Your Metaphor/Simile: Look for comparisons that resonate with your brand essence. Is your design agency a “Spark” of creativity? Is your software a “Bridge” connecting people?


  • Keep it Simple and Clear: Avoid overly complex metaphors that might confuse your audience. “Swift” for a delivery service is clear and to the point.


Examples of Metaphors and Similes in Brand Names


  • Metaphor: Amazon (endless variety like a rainforest), Dove (peace and purity like a dove)


  • Simile: Mailchimp (delivers messages with ease like a chimp), The Economist (sharp and insightful like an economist)




  • Test it Out: Get feedback on your metaphorical name from potential customers and see if it evokes the right imagery.


  • Consider Availability: Make sure the domain name and trademarks are available before you get too attached.


By using metaphors and similes creatively, you can craft a brand name that’s not just informative, but truly evocative and memorable. It’s a name that will tell your brand story for years to come.


By: Nica Layug


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