Beyond the Buzzwords: Choosing Powerful Verbs for Brand Names


I'm Twitting: When a brand name becomes a verb


Let’s face it, the startup world can be a breeding ground for buzzwords. “Disrupt,” “synergistic,” and “agile” come to mind. While these terms might sound impressive in a meeting, they often fall flat as brand names.


Why? Because they lack action. They tell us nothing about what your brand actually does.


Enter the Power Verb


Make Your Brand Name Function as a Verb | Sticky Branding


A strong verb in your brand name injects instant energy and clarity. It tells your audience exactly what you’re about, and it sparks a mental image of the transformation you offer.


Here’s why a verb-powered brand name is a game-changer:


  • Memorable: Action verbs are inherently catchy. They pique curiosity and linger in the mind. Think about it: “Uber” evokes movement, “Shopify” hints at creation, and “Dropbox” suggests storage with a twist.


  • Action-Oriented: Verbs showcase your brand’s capabilities. They position you as a solution, not just another company. “Streamline” promises efficiency, “Evernote” speaks to capturing ideas, and “Mailchimp” implies the power of email marketing.


  • Differentiating: A well-chosen verb can set you apart from the competition. It communicates your unique value proposition and grabs attention in a crowded marketplace.


Finding Your Power Verb:


Ready to craft a brand name that packs a punch? Here’s how to find the perfect power verb:


  • Brainstorm: Jot down verbs that represent your core offering. What problem do you solve? What transformation do you enable? Think beyond the obvious and explore synonyms for a unique spin.


  • Target Audience: Consider the language your ideal customer uses. What words resonate with them? Choose a verb that aligns with their needs and aspirations.


  • Clarity & Conciseness: Opt for a verb that’s easy to understand and pronounce. A long, obscure verb will only confuse your audience.


Bonus Tip: Combine your action verb with a strong noun for added impact. Think “Headspace” (mental clarity) or “Canva” (design creation).


Examples to Inspire:


  • Empower (empowerment platform)
  • Ignite (marketing agency)
  • Bridge (communication software)
  • Cultivate (wellness program)
  • Craft (handmade goods)


Remember, your brand name is like your first impression. Make it count! By choosing a powerful verb, you’ll create a name that’s memorable, meaningful, and sets you on the path to brand success.


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