Short, Sweet, and Sticky: The Psychology of Memorable Brand Names


How To Name Your Product Or Brand Using Psychology Tactics - Brand Marketing Psychology


In the age of information overload, grabbing a consumer’s attention is a constant battle. Your brand name is often the first impression, and it needs to be memorable. But what makes a name truly stick? While creative flourishes can be tempting, there’s a powerful force behind short brand names: psychology.


Why Short Wins


The Psychology Behind A Brand Name • Domain .ME blog


Our brains love efficiency. Studies show that shorter words are easier to process and recall. Single or two-syllable brand names like Nike, Coke, and Dove benefit from this. They’re catchy, roll off the tongue easily, and are more likely to be remembered after a fleeting encounter.


Beyond Efficiency: The Power of Sound


Shortness is just the first step. The sounds within the name also play a crucial role. Here’s how short names leverage sound psychology:


  • Phonemes and Memory: Phonemes are the basic building blocks of sound in language. Short names often have simpler phoneme structures, making them easier to encode and store in memory.


  • Rhyme and Rhythm: Our brains crave patterns. Short names that rhyme or have a rhythmic flow (like KitKat or Pepsi) are inherently more memorable.


  • Onomatopoeia: Brand names that mimic the sound associated with the product (think “Snap” for a laundry detergent) create a strong mental connection and boost recall.


Short Names: A Launchpad for Brand Building


Short names aren’t just memorable, they offer practical advantages:


  • Versatility: Short names are easier to incorporate into logos, slogans, and social media handles, creating a cohesive brand identity.


  • Global Appeal: Short names often transcend language barriers, making them ideal for brands aiming for a broad international reach.


  • Availability: With millions of trademarks registered, finding a unique and short name can be a challenge. However, the focus on short, simple words increases the chances of finding an available domain name and social media handle.


Short Doesn’t Mean Simple


While brevity is key, short names shouldn’t be devoid of meaning. Ideally, a short name should spark curiosity or subtly hint at the brand’s identity. Think of Apple, which is short, unique, and evokes a sense of simplicity and innovation.




Choosing the perfect brand name is an art and science. By understanding the psychology of short names and their impact on memorability, you can increase your brand’s chances of leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Remember, short, catchy, and clever can pave the way for a successful brand identity.


By: Nica Layug


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