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Do you know a real estate agent who knows everything about his craft that became successful over time? Well, to tell you frankly, the most successful real estate agents are not a jack of all trades. They niched down to their specialty and became an expert in the area they positioned themselves. Many of them are serving clients seeking specific knowledge and having valuable tools to market their services.

Niche marketing in real estate seems to be pretty significant to bring success. One example is Demetrios Salpoglou, owner of Boston Pads. He is a Boston-area real estate pro who combines a tech background with in-depth real estate knowledge to create micromarketing.

Creating a real estate niche website allows you to be more targeted than a general “agent website.”

What is real estate niche marketing?

Specifically, niche marketing is a way of channeling marketing efforts towards a well-defined cluster of attributes. On a real estate market, specializing in an area that is being underserved, or maybe a place that excites your interest could help you focus your business efforts and later on help you generate quality leads.

There are six niche categories to consider when positioning yourself as a real estate agent or a realtor in the market. 

  • Geographic area

This is the most common niching category and is also known as a farming area. Most of the agents focus on this when they want to serve a particular community. Although this comes pretty handy to a starting real estate agent, it will also make you vulnerable to tight competition. Other agents claim to specialize in your area, so you have to consider combining your specialty with different things to set you apart. 

  • Customer type

If you have a strong connection to a particular group of people, this can be very effective.

Let’s say you decide to focus on first-time homebuyers; that doesn’t mean that you’ll never work with another set of clients again. It just means that you don’t spend your efforts and marketing to them as you will naturally get other types of customers from referrals and fringe business.

  • Property type

Beachfront homes, condos, apartments? Specializing in any of this will reassure your customers that you concentrate on what they are seeking. 

  • Experience level

Seasoned agents can use their field experience to their advantage. However, no matter how many years you can boast, you must showcase the type of experience you have or what you learned in that experience.

  • Individual Attributes

This category will define who you are among your competitors. Your values, character, and work ethic will surely attract your potential customers.

  • Specific Expertise

Agents from different fields such as mortgage banking and contracting can use their specific expertise as an exclusivity. The type of knowledge you bring to the table should match your ideal clients’ needs, wants, and budget.

Tips to follow when choosing a domain name for your real estate website.

Purchasing a domain is an essential step when creating a real estate website. Because of the unveiling of .realtor and .realestate TLDs, most of the agents, including those who already own a website, are going through this process. However, purchasing domain names with this domain extension must mean that you are a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

The good thing is, you can still be a significant niche market realtor using other domain names and TLDs. Here are some tips to follow when choosing a domain name for your real estate website.

  • Use your target location, your name, and realtor term.

It goes by choosing the geographic area you want to focus on, and it honestly works for both team and individual agents that want to mix and match their domain names. For example, or simply – can do the trick.

  • Try using an adjective plus a realtor term.

Here’s the catch. If you want to sound cool and exciting, you can add certain adjectives to your domain name. An example of this is 

  • Nature also stands out.

Typically, these types of domains are best to use if describing a specific area in your location. If your site is known for cliffs, try naming your real estate website


Author’s Conclusion

Niching down to your expertise could give you more value to your business and the customers that you wish to serve. The real estate market is fast evolving and it depends on you on how to market yourself, especially with the full-blast usage of the internet as a means of reaching your dream clients. 

Opting for real estate niche marketing can be a good sign of success in your career, but remember to develop unique domain names for your website. Think of potential terms that are short, memorable, easy to understand, and accurately describe your business. Using your company name as a domain name is one wise choice, so consider using that or anything that signifies your real estate business. 

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