SEO Of Domain Extensions

How would you feel if your competitor had a better website name than yours?

Aargghh! Sounds familiar?

You got to be honest with yourself, didn’t you feel a little snubbed seeing that cool, pleasant, eye-catchy name that could’ve been yours after all?

A name that is professional, crisp, and better yet, portrays a smooth functioning business. If you had perceived the true potential behind this naming convention, all this would’ve been yours!

Despite what you may have heard, if you still haven’t figured it out correctly, this article will help you underscore the importance of buying the highest bidding domain name for your brand. Most users seek generic top-level domains and aim to create remarkable websites in the digital space.


But Which Are These Common Domains?

Let me put it across this way, if oxygen is to life, then the domain is to a website.

Cliche, as it may sound, but the grounds on which you build your website is your domain. Needless to say, you cannot stress less to choose a domain that will remain with you as long as your website is live. So, if you plan to stay for long, you cannot afford to take it capriciously.

You might be aware of the titans in the domain world – .com, .net, .org, .gov, and so on. From the SEO aspect, all domains have the same rank and are equal in the eyes of Google. But, all domains are not commonly used, and until told otherwise.

Statistics say that roughly 60% of the websites have a .com suffix. Buying a commonly used domain helps users to invariably add a .com to the site address and land on the correct page.

Chances are pretty high that a user who is unaware of a website extension will first enter a webpage with a .com suffix. So, that’s all you need.

Don’t leak your traffic to your competitor’s – get the best .COM only.


What is the SEO Value Of Domain Extensions?

After reading the above paragraph, it is quite evident that users follow the undefined rule when it comes to website extensions. Without exception, most of us would blindly trust a website that ends with .com for any purpose. It is, hands-down, the universal domain name.

Closely next to .com, there are some domain extensions such as .net, .org, .gov, which are mainly specific to certain organizations. Readers would equivocally agree that it is not difficult to find the website of a school or some private institutions ending in .org.

This pattern is also visible in government websites that end with .gov. This pattern helps customers to rely on the website effortlessly. The more a website makes sense to the customers, the greater will be the traffic inwards and consequently, the higher will be the SEO rank. What more can you ask for?


Now Let’s Understand Domains Specific To Regions

Usability and user experience are two things that drive businesses efficiently. Business owners keep this in mind when they select a website domain. For companies that span across multiple geographies, customers are redirected to the website of their region to ensure a seamless user experience.

If you must have noticed, the websites of Vodafone and Amazon depict this fashion. How will users know if they have landed on the Vodafone India website or Vodafone UK? A clear indication of it lies in the domain names- .in and .uk respectively.

In case you are not aware of how to switch from the Amazon USA website to that of Amazon Canada, you need to simply type .ca instead of .com at the end of the URL.

This applies to all other websites and regions as well. Well, because the domain names are mapped with regions and one can never go wrong with the destination website. Hope all this makes sense now.


A Word To The Business Savvy

Plan your domain extension in such a way that global netizens can resonate and relate with your website. The lesser hindrance they face in opening your website, the brighter will be your business.

If you know what that means – use a .COM preferably.

Also, if you want our team to help you find the perfect name for your brand, reach out to us and our contact details at StartupNames are just a click away. – Contact Us

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