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Testimonials Quote StartUpNames have been super professional and easy to deal with in buying and transferring a .com name. I would highly recommend their services!


Catherine Ehrensvärd

Testimonials Quote My experience with StartupNames was flawless. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Highly recommended for anyone looking to invest in a great domain name! 10/10! Best of regards!” From Sweden.


Henric Romlin

Testimonials Quote StartupNames.com delivers whatever they promise. Same-day delivery and especially on weekends, these guys are so helpful. Thank you, Bala, It was an easy process from start to transfer domain. Bala is a nice and very humble gentleman. He was very helpful and easy to deal with. Thanking You.


Kulvinder Singh

Testimonials Quote I am based in Washington DC and was initially skeptical about buying a domain name from a foreign company as opposed to buying it directly on the GoDaddy or other major registry. However, I went ahead and made the purchase because I wanted the name and I thought I’d take the chance. I am glad I did because the process couldn’t have been easier. Immediately after the purchase, I received an acknowledgment of the purchase and that they (Jenny from the Back office) were working to send me to transfer instructions/information, including the authorization code for my new domain. Over the next couple of days, I received constant emails from startupnames.com to check on the status of my transfer. This was very helpful because  I had gotten very busy and didn’t have time to complete the transfer from my end. When I started the process and had a little hitch with GoDaddy from my end, they immediately responded; Bala called me to help resolve the issue, including a video call and putting me on a 3-way phone call with a GoDaddy rep here in the USA to help me through the process. The most impressive part of all this is that it was past midnight Australian time on the weekend; most businesses would have put that off to the following Monday, but Bala stayed on the line with me till the process was completed. I am a very happy and impressed customer, and will surely buy from them again with no hesitation. Save and secured purchase, super “above and beyond” customer service…can’t beat that.


Darren Chapin

Testimonials Quote

Startup Names is a really well established business with a bunch of professionals who care about their customers and are responsive at any time of the day/night. Jenny and Nica as the support are super helpful and are always an email away to respond to any queries. They are very caring towards customers and invest enormous amounts of time to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Payment method was through Paypal to ensure safety of buyer/seller throughout the transaction and that transition happened with almost zero pain.

Overall 9/10, I didn’t give a 10 because I had to pay money for the domain haha! Well done Startup Names, and I will be back again.


Mo Barzegar

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StartUpNames was easy to transact with. The site is designed well and easy to navigate and filter Brands by Price and Characters. I wanted a (.Com) with a maximum of 6 Chars and a unique Brand name in CVCVCV format. Similar to Lenovo. Found a few and shortlisted the ones I thought were the best. Finally this year, we launched on it, and am so pleased with my Business name! Comparable Branding sites were charging 3 times and above for similar name quality. I was able to get a start-up domain all set up quickly with them. Their Logo Designer worked on the revisions we asked for, and I am one satisfied customer.

Natalie Howard

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Acquiring a domain and transferring ownership was easy and worked awesome! Good pricing for products and services, great customer service, and help with finding brandable domain names. StartUpNames provides great customer service to help find a domain name that works with you and makes you stand out as a small business. Also, their back-office team was very helpful in managing the transfer process. It was smooth and had the domain in my account within 3 business days. All round a 5-star experience.

Karen Shelton

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I find myself just looking endlessly through all the business and domain names. The pages have everything exciting about the “Brand feel”, “Radio Test” etc of the domain name. It’s fun to see their creative side and also gives an idea of potential use. Finding and picking a business name has been made easy with so many creative ideas. I really like that StartUpNames comes with a logo and the domain name. It’s really a pretty great idea. If you don’t know about a business name to pick, need a matching domain, and need to create a logo, StartUpNames is great.

Neaz Ansari

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I recently purchased a domain from StartUpNames last week. The process was fast and straight-forward. After payment, within an hour, their staff contacted me regarding my purchase. They confirmed to me about my purchase details (which made me feel taken care of) along with my complete name and email address and within three hours, the domain was already transferred to me since I am with GoDaddy as well. Their site is also easy to navigate in finding my desired brand name.

Zev Alexsklar

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Our Marketing firm sources some of our campaign names through StartUpNames. You do pay a bit more for the handpicked and name curated domains. However, I believe it is still a bargain and takes a lot of the work out of coming up with a brand name. StartUpNames only selects Names that they believe will be “brandable”. No Hyphens or numbers. No .LY or .CO extensions. We Only use .COMs as there is business credibility. Therefore one can be sure that the domain you choose through StartUpNames will be recognizable to the clientele.

Kristy Armstrong

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As I am new to the technicalities, the initial requirements to transfer the domain name were a bit confusing for me, so I emailed customer service and they fixed a time to call back same day. We went over the details and they stayed on the line w/ me for over 20m minutes and gave me step by step instructions on how to get the domain officially, legally transferred to me. I had a fabulous experience on that front. Would not hesitate to recommend using StartUpNames to acquire a needed domain brand name. Had an overall very good experience.

Tellis Newman
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I was in the market for a Medical+Technology startup name with a .Com extension only. It was easy to find 100s of exciting Brand names and to shortlist by Price range. StartUpNames.com surpassed my expectations of a domain store. Support is terrific, domain transfer is fast, logos look professional, well-planned, and well-designed; domain names are catchy, and there’s a lot to choose from. They even customized a logo for me based on what I want. Most importantly the price was right and within budget!

Richard Teoh

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I was planning on hand registering my domain name and found the experience frustrating. Most of the good brandable names were gone and I even desperately registered a name with a Hyphen (Dash). My friend suggested to look into StartUpNames’s inventory. I soon found out it is not your ordinary domain store with 30,000+ “unbrandables”. Only selective Digital names and the prices were also reasonable. I bought a domain name matching my Real estate services. So happy with the name I purchased! Their customer service team helped and guided us step by step. Excellent after-sales support. Thank you.

Prashanth Tiwari

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As a Marketing project co-ordinator, we require Brandnames that are “descriptive” and most often explains the campaign in the Domain name itself. StartUpNames.com helps me find the perfect domain name for our customer’s growing business. The Name Analysts take great care in selecting the “right tone” of the domains with trending Industry key words. And I don’t need to spend days conjuring up names, only to see the domain is already taken. So, I work with StartUpNames and have had nothing but great experiences so far.

Zayana Williams

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