The Most Expensive Australian Domains


What is the Most Expensive Domain Name Ever?


It’s perfectly casual to know the real value of domain names today compared to how we treat domains a few decades back when we can register any free domains. It was not until August 9, 1995, when the internet craze began through Netscape, an internet startup that gave birth to what we called the web. The company was valued at mostly $3billion at the end of the first day, thus indicating the dot-com bubble.


This surge in the stock market of internet-related investments impacts the domain name prices, specifically the .com domains, paving the way to the quote “.com is king.”


Though .com domains are relatively expensive than the country code top-level domains, it does not affect ccTLD’s great investment ability. For instance, many Australian country code domains can be invested and sold at a high price. The amount? You bet! Let’s have a look at some of the most expensive .au domain sales.


Cooper Mills Lawyers, a technology-focused law firm in Australia, brokered the most expensive .au domain that worth $400,000. The domain was purchased by Shaun McGowan, a finance industry veteran who successfully built one of Australia’s leading car loan businesses. Indeed, is a perfect domain for the financial niche and is very catchy for ordinary people like us.


From Jack Media to Point Hands, the Aussie Domainer Ned O’Meara brokered the sale of this three-letter, strong financial domain at $168,000. 


Today, the website is under construction, but you can register to subscribe to their newsletters for updates.


The premium .au domain was sold at $100,000 by Drop auction platform and purchased by end-users, the Frankly, this ultimate relaxation domain makes me think that sleep is so valuable.


In the year 2018, posted a Facebook update that the domain was sold at $100,000. Considering that it is in AUD, it still amounts to approximately $73,136.84 in that year. Nevertheless, an excellent investment knowing that domain names are getting more and more expensive.


Another premium Australian domain was sold for $100,000 at It is previously owned by iSelect, who just let a Gem slipped from their assets.


Purchased from Drop and sold by Luke Smorgon at $66,000. The Link Collectives now own this premium domain. 


.au domains are sold at a high price but not reported due to the request of confidentiality. Some of them are:

  1. – $1,600,000
  2. – $300,000
  3. – $250,000
  4. – $200,000
  5. – $153,000
  6. – $137,501
  7. – $110,000


Investing in the Australian domain is a wise choice today since its price, value, and importance will rocket reach starting the year 2020, significantly when auDA changes policy on domain name investing practices.


“The rejection of these proposed policies will ensure the continued viability and success of the .au namespace and expresses its appreciation for auDA management’s apparent rejection of these wrongheaded policy proposals, which would have dramatically affected domain name investment in Australia.”

  • ICA


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