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Top 10 Ecommerce Sites in the USA


Top 10 USA Ecommerce Sites


Probably the first names that come to mind when you think of e-commerce in the United States are Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. These are, of course, the mega-brands that have succeeded not only domestically but also internationally, making them well-known to consumers in nations where they are not (yet) available.


It’s not unexpected to hear that the US is a significant leader in the global e-commerce market given the broad popularity of numerous American e-commerce firms. This is largely attributable to the early adoption of e-commerce as a way for companies and retailers to reach the enormous, widely dispersed US population with their goods.


This early uptake allowed customers to gradually come around to the idea of online buying, becoming supporters and voracious online shoppers eventually, still a long time before many other nations had started to move in this direction.


Given this significant head start, it’s no surprise that Jeff Bezos’ 1994-launched Amazon is the global market leader, consistently ranking in the top three of most countries’ most popular e-commerce sites. Since Amazon was one of the very first companies to sell goods online, everyone has been trying to follow in their footsteps.


USA eCommerce Statistics


The massive population of 327.9 million people includes 312 million internet users and 209.5 million online shoppers, according to Statista data released in 2016.


E-commerce sales surpassed $517.36 billion in 2018 and are expected to reach $740 billion in retail e-commerce alone by 2023.


Online sales accounted for 14.3% percent of all US retail sales as of 2018, up from 11.6 percent in 2016. The UK and Germany, which each enjoy a bigger percentage of total retail sales, beat the US as the third most developed e-commerce market in the world as a result.


Top 10 American E-Commerce Sites


We’ve compiled the top 10 U.S. e-commerce sites, according to data from the web analytics platform SimilarWeb, as of January 2020.


The list includes Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, three obvious competitors, but it is also well-rounded with a variety of brands from a range of industries, including handcrafted goods, electronics, fashion, and home and garden.


1. Amazon



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 2.73 billion


In addition to dominating the American e-commerce market, Amazon also dominates the e-commerce markets of the majority of other nations. Originally launched in 1994 as a modest book-selling website, Amazon has now become the undisputed leader in the bulk of e-commerce categories, including computers and electronics, books and literature, and even streaming TV and movies.


The world’s largest portal for books, music, electronics, fashion and accessories, tools and hardware, sporting goods, and pretty much everything else one can imagine, Amazon offers its whole range of products to customers in the US. Not to mention, US customers may use Amazon Prime to get these products with free one- or two-day shipping.


2. eBay



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 855.82 million


Another e-commerce pioneer with a big lead in the worldwide race for e-commerce supremacy is eBay, which was founded in 1998. For more than 20 years, eBay has been the top online market, the first of its type and the biggest in the world, staying true to its initial goal of providing customers with an online platform to buy and sell just about everything they can imagine.


Today, through auctions, direct from manufacturers, or through verified sellers, eBay leads areas including electronics, vehicles, clothing, collectibles, and more, with free delivery available on many items.


3. Walmart



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 468.96 million


Subsequently the 1960s, when it first emerged as a low-cost mega-warehouse, Walmart has become a household name in the US. It has since grown to become the largest retail organization in the world, with locations in all 50 states and a sizable online presence in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


The breadth of products available to Walmart’s online consumers, including those in the categories of electronics, baby products, fashion, pharmacy, and auto parts, makes the platform appealing to customers with a variety of profiles. To help customers save even more on their purchases, Walmart in the US even offers a credit card bearing the Walmart name.


4. Craigslist 



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 342.56 million


Despite just serving the US, Craigslist, which was founded in 1995, has the largest listings in the entire globe. Users can search for jobs, housing, goods for sale, goods desired, services for sale, services wanted, gigs, resumes, and discussions among other categories on Craigslist.


Craigslist offers a huge variety of goods and services, making for an interesting combination of top categories. These range from the anticipated, such as news and media, electronics, and technology, to the dubious, such as adult services and credit lending.


5. Target



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 258.34 million


After Walmart, Target is the second-largest department store in the US. It runs more than 1800 outlets around the nation and boasts a robust e-commerce platform that gives customers access to the entire spectrum of target goods and services both online and offline.


Target is a retailer of consumer goods, specializing in fashion, home decor, furniture, groceries, electronics, hygiene products, and much more. It also sells groceries, electronics, and other household goods. They have become a significant player in banking and finance thanks to the Target RedCard.


6.  Etsy



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 266.31 million


A US-based online store called Etsy specializes in the sale of handmade, vintage, and unusual factory-made goods. With the help of Etsy’s online store, individuals and businesses can sell a variety of items, including toys, apparel and accessories, food, bath and cosmetic products, and art.


Given its market niche concentration, Etsy’s ranking as the 19th largest marketplace in the world since its founding in 2006 is impressive. Fashion is the most popular category among those that users search for on the platform.


7. Best Buy



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 192.70 million


Best Buy is yet another US retailer with a lengthy history dating back to the 1960s. Best Buy began as a retailer of consumer electronics but has since developed into a powerful brand with physical locations all throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico.


Today, Best Buy offers a huge selection of products to its clients, including electronics, furniture, appliances, fitness, travel, and more. Despite offering a wide range of products, they are best recognized as a consumer electronics manufacturer, and they are ranked third globally in the computer electronics and technology e-commerce area.


8. Macy’s



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 165.29 million


Launched in the 1990s, Macy’s is a US fashion giant that began as a physical store before expanding to become a global brand with locations throughout the globe and an e-commerce site that is ranked one in the world for fashion and apparel.


The online store for Macy’s features a substantial selection of accessories, shoes, cosmetics, clothing for men and women, children, and the home. Additionally, they introduced their own credit card, marking the online retailer’s entry into the finance industry.


9. Home Depot



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 147.15 million


Home Depot is the biggest retailer of home improvement products in the US, with locations all over the country as well as in Canada and Mexico, and an online presence for every region. As a result, it is the second-largest online retailer for home and garden products worldwide.


Home Depot is the go-to place for home renovation materials in the US, offering products ranging from new appliances to bathroom and kitchen remodeling items, patio furniture, power tools, bbq grills, carpets, timber, concrete, lighting, ceiling fans, construction equipment, and related services.


10. Wish



Estimated number of monthly visitors: 111.62 million


Wish is an intriguing addition to the list because, in contrast to many other organizations mentioned, it focuses exclusively on mobile marketplaces where manufacturers and small businesses can sell products directly to customers. The four core categories of the Wish marketplace are technology, family, beauty, and home decor.


Since its founding in 2010, Wish has risen quickly to the top, dominating markets for adult products, video games, consoles, and accessories, as well as computer equipment and technology.


Source: ECommerce Guide

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