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Top 5 Best Proptech Companies


Top Proptech Companies


Companies are racing to create a footprint in the PropTech market, as with any trend. Due to technological advancements, the future of real estate is rapidly shifting. Consumers are demanding simplicity and immediate gratification, and businesses are responding. In 2022, keep an eye on the following five businesses.


Top PropTech Companies in 2022




Opendoor is based in San Francisco and simplifies the homeowner process by allowing people to buy or sell a property through their smartphone. The corporation purchases the homes in cash and closes in less than two months before reselling them to customers. If a customer isn’t satisfied, they can return it within 90 days.


Opendoor hopes to assist people in moving on with their lives by employing technology to make the process easier. Customers can receive an immediate offer on their home from the company. After examining the alternatives, the consumer has the option of selling their home to the site or listing it, in which case the seller will receive support from industry professionals. The purpose of Opendoor is to take the worry out of selling a house by providing a safe and dependable service.




HOVER aims to provide customers a realistic image of the space they might be living in. The company builds interactive models of all the houses listed using 3D technology. The concept of homeowners imagining themselves in a space rather than gazing at images of a property increases the listing’s selling potential. HOVER aims to change the homeowner experience by providing as much truth and transparency as possible about each home, appealing to the 70% of buyers who use real estate technology to search for a home online.


Individuals can utilize recorded measurements to decide on design features for their home in addition to determining if the home is the suitable size for their family. The software can even be used to purchase various products and resources. Customers can also use 3D technology to simulate how a particular feature, such as a new roof or windows, might appear on a home.




Proportunity is a financial technology firm. The company is still expanding, and it recently received a significant investment to improve its analytics and lending platform. These devices employ artificial intelligence to sort through data and loans to present to potential purchasers. This London-based firm bills itself as one of the few “Help to Buy” companies on the market. The corporation profits from equity loans that are connected to a home’s appreciation, which means that everyone benefits when the value rises.


The organization assists buyers with reduced down payments and better interest rates. Instead of the typical 20% deposit, customers simply need to put down 5%. Customers may use the technology to search through market listings to locate the greatest discounts, which typically includes looking at which homes have been marked down drastically since they were first posted. Furthermore, Proportunity connects purchasers with independent mortgage brokers who can provide unbiased guidance.




Houzen’s founder, Saurabh Saxena, wanted to create something like to a stock exchange. Supply and demand would be constantly updated, and agreements would close rapidly, thanks to technology. Houzen’s technology aims for efficiency, similar to how new construction technology improves systems and sustainability.


Houzen is a platform that connects tenants with landlords. Through data-driven analysis, such as a consumer’s willingness to pay, the system uses an algorithm to discover the proper tenants. The purpose of Houzen is to maximize revenue. Landlords can rent premises in real time, similar to how airline tickets are sold, ensuring that there are no overlaps or empty spaces.




Consider Compass to be a comprehensive summary of everything you may possibly need to know about the home you’re considering purchasing. This PropTech firm is a full-service platform that assists buyers and sellers throughout the entire transaction. Compass has ten locations around the United States, from New York City to Los Angeles.


The website provides thorough information on the chosen community. For example, pricy or nice weather are described, as well as information about the neighbors, what to expect, and the lifestyle. Compass even offers commuting times from the selected neighborhood to big cities. All of this information is organized in an easy-to-read list with photos of the surrounding area.


Source: Kisi Blog

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