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In my previous blog article, I have mentioned that a good brand name increases a company’s value and motivates its employees. It actually helps acquire new customers a lot easier than those who don’t even know how to call themselves, right? It’s just my two cents, but I believe that you get the point there. Good brand names are remarkable, meaningful, accessible, future-proof, and can translate into visual designs.


If you are a start-up business, I am sure you are trying your best to develop the most incredible ideas to name your business. Why not? Giving a great brand name to your business will take you far. Imagine Apple, Nike, and Coca-cola? Simple words, yet they are very remarkable. I bet even the youngest generation knew what they and their products are.


What makes a Good Business Name?


Well, there’s a lot of factors that affect the way businesses choose their brand names. Some are eager to name their businesses asap. Some spend a lot of money to test if the name will catch customers’ attention, and the list never stops.


To help business start-ups, we come up with TOP 5 Factors to know if your brand name is good.


It is based on your decision.


We understand that you want your employees or shareholders to feel that you value their presence, but getting them involved in naming your business is unacceptable. They say two heads are better than one doesn’t mean you need to involve everyone in your company. The better way is to ask at most two decision-makers to help you develop your business’s best name.


Using striking and flexible words to standout the pool of businesses.


Business naming can take a long time, and even so many websites offer free name generators; it doesn’t really seem to be a big help. 


Using direct brand names will not make your business stand out in the crowd. Let me ask you which one is better, or The latter is what we call a descriptive type of brand name, and obviously, it will not give your brand a buzz. On top of that, it is difficult to remember. This is one reason why businesses rename their brand…you know, to stand out among competing companies.


Your Brand Name is Limitless.


It’s understandable when start-ups use the location where they are based, just like the Kentucky Fried Chicken, now known as KFC. As a new business, Colonel Harland Sanders builds his Restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, not knowing that it will be an international brand.


So what are we trying to say? If you aim for global success, make sure that your brand name is not mapped within a specific location. Create something memorable and limitless so you can avoid this potential bottleneck in your business.


It is fresh, new, and novel.


When you pass on the literal and descriptive words for your brand name, most business owners encounter overly used words or terms. For example, the business market is full of brand names like Apex, Summit, and Peak, and it won’t be sufficient for a start-up to join their squad. 


Instead of settling on a cliche type of name, try mixing and matching two positive words and metaphors to give identity to your business


Your brand name is sensible.


It is excellent when brand names have special meanings to share with the company and future costumers. However, you have to consider the type of market that you have or you are targetting. Avoid naming your brand with names that are hard to spell or hard to pronounce. If the brand name is natural sounding and has a meaning, it might work. If it is too long or too complicated, your customers might be left puzzled, and your business making indifference.


Giving your brand a good name should not be that hard. Just keep in mind these five (5) key standards to know if you are on the right track and proceed with building your marketing presence.


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