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The only nation with a reputation for being a haven for startups and small businesses is Australia. In recent years, it has produced its fair share of the most valuable tech unicorns, greatly benefiting the populace. Six of the 832 private startup companies valued at over $1 billion and referred to as Unicorn companies are based in Australia.


The only nation with a market that isn’t as large as those in North America and Europe is Australia. It has, however, recently performed some of the nation’s miracles. The nation takes pride in having a large number of creative startups, which created the sector. It provides the most incredible market potential in a digital culture that has produced multiple unicorns, including those of the $1 billion startups.


The software development firm Atlassian rose to prominence as the first Australian company and a tech Unicorn. During this time, some startups made quick progress toward increasing their worth. Australia has produced scores of great companies over the years, some of which are already worth billions of dollars, so there is reason to doubt that Sean is one of them. The startup ecosystem has received highly positive evaluations for its physical infrastructure, internal market dynamics, and commercial and legal framework.


Here is a detailed list of the six successful and cutting-edge Unicon companies operating in Australia, whether you are trying to launch your own business or are simply curious about unicorns.


1.  Canva


Canva Pricing Plans: Free, Pro & Canva for Teams | Canva


They are regarded as a free, online design tool that assisted users in producing eye-catching content that could be shared. This corporation is headquartered in Sydney’s Surrey Hills and has an enormous $ 54.8 billion in annual revenue. Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht, the company’s founders, have been running it successfully. It is regarded as an online tool for graphic design that individuals use to produce essential visual content such as posters, presentations, documents, and social media graphics.


It provides a template application that anyone can use for free, as well as paid memberships like Canva Pro and the ability to work on an enterprise for more capability. The website offers a simple way for experts and amateurs alike to generate a variety of graphic content without relying on Photoshop or any other sophisticated design tools; it is regarded as one of Australia’s most well-known tech unicorns. Can you achieve tech Unicon status in 2018 and the forefront of design in 2017?


After the most recent fundraising efforts in October 2020, its value went over $3 billion. In addition to its free version, it has developed a flagship product that is subscription-based. Nine years after its founding, the business—which was founded by two entrepreneurs in their 30s—would be worth more than Rio Tinto if it were to be listed on the ASX. When Miss Perkins was barely 19 years old, she had the first concept for the business while attending her first university and teaching student design programs for extra money.


She saw how difficult it was for her pupils to learn sophisticated graphic design software like Photoshop and decided there had to be a better way, which is why she considered creating this business. She co-founded the company with her spouse, whom she married earlier this year. After 15 years, Khandwa has increased its user base to 60 million people in 190 nations. The company’s worth is astounding, particularly in light of the fact that Canada’s words have more than doubled since April.


For as many as five users, the Canva Pro subscription costs $119.40 annually and is available to non-profit organizations who adhere to the rules. Additionally, each person’s subscription to Canva for businesses is $30 per month. It debuted a video editing tool in 2021, offering consumers a lot of convenience by allowing them to pay for actual products to be produced and transported to various locations. It is made to be a tool that enables you to create anything and publish it everywhere. You can also build your own designs and share them with your loved ones.


2. Airwallex


It is a printing platform with an ecosystem of digital currency assets, a worldwide trade finance platform, and an international payments network. Max Li and Jack Zhang created it after realizing how difficult it was to open a coffee business in Melbourne utilizing just materials purchased from China at current exchange rates.


When they failed to find a better solution, they organized this startup with the help of some of their university classmates. It now provides cost-effective cross dashboard software, reducing foreign exchange costs by up to 90%. They founded a startup in order to disrupt the banking industry. In recent years, this corporation has claimed revenues of $5.5 billion.


It was established in 2015 and functions by enabling various plans to open local bank accounts in 11 different foreign currencies and transfer the funds in more than 31 different currencies into more than 130 different countries, allowing you to send and receive money instantly abroad at lower interbank rates.


Within three years of its founding, it was Australia’s unicorn with the quickest growth. Anshul services, payments, fintech, and financial services are among of the areas that the Melbourne-based company, which employs up to 5000 people, serves. With the help of 20 important investors, this company has been operating on its 11 investment rounds quite quickly. You may give your company the ability to quickly, easily, and covertly send money abroad in a variety of currencies by using this platform.


In layman’s terms, Airwallex is an online payments service that began by providing various banana businesses with a quick and affordable way to send money abroad. Debit cards and local and international payments are the bottle, and it has grown to offer a bank account. It is not considered to be your bank. It is merely a platform for payment methods that offers you various commercial services for your advantage.


3. SafetyCulture


The operational beating heart of all functional teams worldwide is SafetyCulture. This business began as a workplace safety application and was created in a garage in Townsville. The five couples that are using the iAuditor to complete all of the safety checks have been featured on this season of The Block. It offers a potential worth of up to $2.2 billion.


Through their application, the company has finished a hundred million assessments, which aids in the collection of various data, the identification of risk areas, the compilation of all reports, the standardization of processes, and the improvement of safety standards throughout any organization. It now has 28,000 firms and has drawn over 1.5 million users from over 85 countries.


Blackbird Ventures, Index Ventures, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and his wife Lucy Turnbull have all invested in the company, which has its headquarters in Sydney. The SafetyCulture, iAuditor is a mobile-first tool that enables all users to digitally transform all aspects of operations while cooperating across various working teams and utilizing crucial on-the-job interactions.


4. Culture Amp


It is a platform for employee analytics that focuses on analytics and staff surveys. It was established in 2011 and has its headquarters in the city of Richmond. The startup, which is now working from home due to the pandemic, is now valued over $2 billion. It functions by enabling businesses to conduct employee surveys and using the information to offer suggestions for how to alter workplace culture, engage people, and oversee overall performance.


4000 businesses, including McDonald’s and Airbnb, use it. Founded by Rod Hamilton, Didier Elzinga, Douglas English, and Jon Williams. Apart from all other organizations, Culture AMP has been the one that intentionally creates and shapes the work culture and influences employees’ experiences every time, according to Didier Elzinga, one of the company founders: “The past 12 months have highlighted the value of prioritising culture as a strategic priority.”


5. GO1


The only organization that offers on-demand training and a dynamic platform with content-driven design is GO1, which enables various businesses to upgrade their employees. Andrew Barnes, Chris Eigeland, Chris Hood, and Vu Tran launched this business in 2015. The $1.3 billion-valued Brisbane-based Unicon offers the largest subscription-based curated E-learning collection from the best training providers.


To access the provider’s 170,000 courses, more than 3000 companies and more than 1.5 million consumers must be present. Numerous locations globally, including those in Malaysia, the US, the UK, and South Africa. In addition to M12, Microsoft’s venture capital division, Madrona Venture Group, SalesForce Ventures, and SEET are among its numerous investors. It provides the best options for learning to enhance training, education, and e-learning platforms.


Additionally, it has roots in an Australian garage where the creator first established a web development business. It was recognized as a prestigious firm in 2015, which led to the organization’s offices being opened in new countries. It supports the goal of unleashing positive potential via a love of learning and offers chances for people to grow so they can face the future while also helping organizations achieve their goals.


6. Pet Circle


For the internet store accessible only to substations, Pet Circle provides pet food, supplies, toys, and treatments. The largest online pet store in Australia, it strives to make both pets and their owners’ lives better. Members of the Pet Circle team are regarded as the right specialists for any treatment or condition with pets.


A group of ardent animal lovers worked to make the world a better place by promoting the happiness, health, and wellbeing of all pets. Many projects have the straightforward goal of supplying the community of pet parents with all they require from the comfort of their own homes.


Ten years later, it is still providing over 700,000 devoted consumers with a better selection, better value, and better service. It is regarded as the rapidly expanding market leader in Australian e-commerce and employs more than 600 people. Retail, pet food, pet supplies, customer service, e-commerce, and delivery are the platform’s specialties.


Numerous businesses or startups are demonstrating how to become an important component of the nation’s economic system as they are greatly contributing to it. 


Source: Inventiva

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