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A Trio of $75,000 Sales Fill the Top Spots on This Week’s Domain Sales Chart

After beginning the new year with a bang (Rick Schwartz’s $850,000 sale of two weeks ago), things settled back into the solid five-figure range over the past fortnight. Our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart is led by a trip of names that all hit the $75,000 or better mark. Sedo’s £55,000 ($75,350) sale of is king of the hill, followed by a pair of names that hit the 75K mark right on the button –, a domain that Tony Lam sold via the Uniregistry Market, and ccTLD in a sale that Vortel Advanced Systems made though GoDaddy’s brokerage service. Two more Sedo sales round out the first five – at $60,000 and another ccTLD,, at €48,000 ($58,080).

.Coms swept 15 of the 20 chart entries, the gTLDs claimed three places and the country code domains took the two spots in the top five I just mentioned. That non .com gTLD trio was comprised of a pair or .orgs and a new gTLD. Sedo accounted for all three sales, booking €30,000 ($36,300) for, $25,000 for #14 (tie) and €15,000 ($18,150) for Mö (an IDN).

Everything else went to the .coms, including Shane Kinsch’s $50,000 sale of #6 NameJet played the biggest role in the .com dominance, putting seven of them on the honor roll with #9 leading their list at $35,001. With their mix of all TLDs, Sedo still wound up with the most chart entries overall, filling ten places on the leader board.

By the way, since we now have our second report of the new year in the books, we have just started our 2021 Year-to-Date Sales Charts (the first chart covers all extensions, the second lists the year’s top ccTLD sales and third has the top Non .com gTLDs). We begin with the top 20 on each chart and continually add to them as each bi-weekly report comes in. They will grow until we cap them at 100 entries each. Our final Top 100 for 2020 is now in our Domain Sales Archive.

Now, here’s how all of the sales leaders stacked up for the two weeks ending Sunday, January 17, 2020:

There were 17 more five-figure sales off the chart led by NameJet’s sale of at $16,602. They added $14,000 for and $12,500 for brought another $11,611 and kicked in $11,027.

At SnapNames, went for $16,505 and claimed $14,523.

Back at Sedo, produced $16,440 while and reeled in $15,000 apiece. rang up $14,500, drew $13,700 and landed $12,400. conferred $12,000, spawned $11,979 and drew $10,888.

Elsewhere, collected $11,645 for


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