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Unique Startup Business Ideas

Have you been on the lookout for any new small business ideas to explore in 2022? You’re in luck since we’ve put together a comprehensive list of small company ideas worth pursuing.

There are various advantages to starting a business. You gain control over your time, have the opportunity to accomplish something you actually enjoy, and, most significantly, boost your earning potential.

In this piece, we’ll share small company ideas that are worth pursuing.

These enterprises, fortunately for you, are simple to start, do not require a large initial financial commitment, and require very little technological expertise.

Let’s get this party started.


1. Cleaning service

If you don’t mind performing the nasty work that others can’t, consider beginning a cleaning business. The cash gain might be enormous.

Cleaning businesses are simple to establish and may be started with very little money. All you need is a scrub and some cleaning soap on occasion.

2. Freelance Writing Business

Freelance writing is unquestionably one of the most straightforward web enterprises to launch in 2022. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You don’t need a degree in journalism, literature, or English to get started, contrary to common belief.

To enter into freelance writing, you don’t even need to be a native English speaker.

If you have knowledge or experience in a specific industry, such as crypto trading, you may turn it into a business by writing about it or filming videos for your YouTube channel. You may educate individuals on what cryptocurrencies are, how to trade them, and which exchanges or portfolio monitors to use. Furthermore, because blockchain technology is the future, you can provide Blockchain PR services through your Patreon account. Furthermore, because blockchain technology is the future, you can also give Blockchain PR services.

3. Daycare

Are you good with children? Starting a daycare business could be a great way to assist busy parents.

Starting a daycare center can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, it does not necessitate a large initial expenditure to begin started. You might even be able to establish one from the convenience of your own home.

Keep in mind that you may need a permit to establish your daycare, so check into that before getting started.

4. Pet Grooming

Consider launching a pet grooming business if you enjoy having pets around and grooming them doesn’t seem like much labor.

Consider providing home services to remain flexible. You visit pet owners’ homes, groom their pets, and get compensated for your services under this agreement.

Having a Google My Business Page for your company can help you reach out to more customers in your area.

5. Aerial Photography

In the last decade, the demand for aerial photography has reached new heights. If you know how to operate a drone or can learn to do so fast, starting an aerial photography business is a good option.

Fortunately, a good drone isn’t prohibitively costly; you can acquire one for as little as $1,500 on Amazon.

Who are your ideal clientele going to be? Real estate developers, engaged couples planning a wedding, film and music producers, and others.

6. Build and Sell Themes Online

If you’re skilled at coding and especially adept at front-end development, you can turn your skills into a business by designing and selling website themes online.

You can create WordPress themes and sell them on Themeforest depending on your skill set.

If you only have a basic understanding of WordPress, you may create a theme with Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and Js, and then publish it on GetBootstrap.

Consistency and perseverance will go a long way toward realizing this small business idea.

7. Blogging

Is blogging still a viable source of income today? The answer is yes, in a nutshell.

To be successful at blogging, you must first identify a niche with low competition and then attack it hard. Patience and perseverance will surely be beneficial.

Blogging is an excellent business opportunity for college students, stay-at-home moms, and others.

8. Food Delivery Service

Starting a business can be intimidating and costly. If you want to establish one but don’t have the cash, consider launching a meal delivery service instead.

It works like this: you create delicious, high-quality meals at home, then deliver them to your customers at their workplaces or homes.

To operate this type of service, you may require a permission and courier insurance, depending on the rules of the city where you live.

9. Virtual Assistant Service

Many small business owners and solopreneurs are in desperate need of assistance and are willing to pay for it.

Why not take advantage of this situation by providing virtual assistant services to these busy business owners?

You can assist them with scheduling appointments, sending and responding to emails, making phone calls to clients, answering customer questions, and much more.

The best part is that you can do all of this without ever having to leave your house.

Platforms like Upwork,, and Indeed can assist you in finding clients.

10. Social Media Management Service

In this digital age, having a strong online presence is critical to surviving and remaining relevant in company, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are scrambling to establish themselves on social media.

You might even turn this into a company by assisting busy businesspeople with their social media accounts.

11. Web Design Agency

To establish a website in the early days of the internet, you needed to know how to write long, complicated scripts. But, thanks to no-code solutions like WordPress and Wix, all of that has changed.

Consider beginning a web design business if you enjoy designing things and don’t mind dedicating time to learning how to use WordPress. Automation web testing is part of the website development life-cycle. You can also provide services such as web design and automated testing. Also, you can operate as an automation testing firm.

Start by telling your friends and family what you do to get clients for your business. You’d be surprised at how effective this easy networking tactic can be in bringing you new clients.

12. Coffee Shop

Start a coffee shop to turn your passion for brewing coffee into a lucrative business.

If you don’t have the time or commitment to start your own coffee shop from scratch, franchising may be a better choice. You may even buy an existing coffee business and rebrand it.

Of course, you’ll need a lot of cash to pull this done.

13. Sell Online Courses

Have a skill you can teach to others without having to think about it too much? Why not turn it into a business by designing and selling online courses?

And you can teach almost anything: home improvement, copywriting, how to fix broken things, gardening, and so on.

To get started, you don’t need any expensive filmmaking equipment; your smartphone will suffice.

Udemy and Skillshare are also excellent places to begin.

14. Home Tutoring

Another unusual small company idea worth pursuing in 2022 is home teaching.

The best aspect is that this type of service can be provided remotely or physically. You can teach anything: arithmetic, economics, piano, swimming, and so on.

Platforms such as Tutorme can assist you in connecting with people who are looking for your services.

15. Video Editor

Did you know that, behind Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine?

This is obvious evidence that video usage is on the rise.

As a result, if you are skilled at video editing, there are many people who will require your services.

16. eCommerce

Selling is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. You don’t have to worry about selling things to individuals on the opposite side of the world.

An eCommerce business can be incredibly successful if done correctly.

Choosing the appropriate eCommerce platform is critical to your company’s success. You can use WooCommerce, Shopify, Oberlo, and other similar platforms.

17. Personal Shopper

Helping individuals who don’t have time to shop for themselves can turn your shopaholic obsession into a profitable business enterprise.

The best part is that you don’t need much to get started – all you need is a desire to shop.

To begin, speak with as many people as possible and inform them that you can assist them with their purchasing needs. After that, you can start scaling up by creating a website to promote your company.

18. Handmade Crafts

Consider selling your homemade products on Etsy if you are competent at making mittens, beaded bags, shawls, or any other valuable craft.

Many women have developed successful businesses on Etsy, and you can do the same.

19. Teach English Online

The need for English teachers has been increasing all across the world. If you are fluent in English and have a reliable internet connection, you may capitalize on this demand by teaching English online.

Platforms like VIPKID can assist you in connecting with potential clients all over the world.

20. Podcasting

Some people are born with an innate ability to create audio material. Encourage your teen to create a podcast if you’ve discovered this talent in them.

They also don’t need to invest in pricey equipment to get started; their smartphone will suffice.



Starting a business and making it successful can be challenging, but also rewarding.

If you’re at a loss for what to do, try one of the small business ideas presented in this article.

Plan your Startup branding to the next level, we might be able to help!



30 Unique Small Business Ideas to Try in 2023

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