Winning Habits That Help Startups Grow

Everybody has a picture of what success looks like. For you, it’s your startup business thriving, growing, and expanding. Your startup is like a newborn baby. It requires irregular hours and a lot of attention. It demands your resources and your team’s skills for growth and survival.

As a startup business owner, you oversee everything: business operations, marketing, logistics, and more. Here are some good habits to develop in order to succeed:


You’ve endured and conquered many hurdles before you established your startup, and that deserves praise. But as soon as you start being too comfortable about being where you are now, you lose. Learning your companion in every step of your journey.

Being an entrepreneur means having a growth mindset. If you shy away from every opportunity to learn something new, it will cost you in the future. Seize every opportunity, especially when you’ve just started.

On an organizational scale, a growth mindset is something worth fostering in your employees. It’s a soft skill everyone should have, especially for startups. According to one study, constant learning contributes to client retention. Offering training and seminars don’t just help your employees to evolve, but your business too. Invest in the people who use their skills and expertise to bettering your business. Your business is just as good as the people that manage it.


Planning effectively means knowing what to prioritize and being prompt about it. Thanks to technology, there are different tools one can use for effective planning. There are apps, software, and devices you can use to set your meetings and appointments.

For example, if you are a professional who relies on devices such as PDAs for your planning and database maintenance, be sure to keep a trusted PDA repair service provider on your roster that can handle your device professionally and with discretion.


The fear of missing out, or also known as F.O.M.O., is an internet lingo a lot use to describe the anxiety of not knowing what’s in or what’s going on. Although social media trends shouldn’t be your primary concern (but knowing about current pop culture trends does help too), the type of F.O.M.O. you should develop is for the benefit of your business.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your industry and current news that may affect your business. Being updated gives you foresight and the opportunity to plan ahead. No more getting blindsided.


Everybody’s busy with their own thing. Although working hard is an admirable trait, hustle culture has a tendency to romanticize late nights, working on weekends, and handling so many projects that there’s not enough time for rest. It’s important to delineate the difference between working hard and working too much. Failing to do so is the perfect recipe for burnout.

Hustle culture is one of the biggest contributing factors to burnout. The pandemic hit the brakes for all of us, so we could reevaluate our priorities and realize the importance of rest. Nobody’s wired to churn new ideas 24/7. That’s why we rest to recuperate for a job well done and condition our minds for the week to come. Zero work-life balance will take a toll on our mental health, physical health, and the health of our relationships.


Running a business is always costly. Keep tabs on regular costs and determine the state of your finances. Get to know your cash flow–how much goes in and out. Money is a resource that’s only continuous if distributed accordingly.

This isn’t about being cheap. It’s about your business becoming self-sustaining and making money instead of losing any. But before you reach this goal, you have to build sustainable habits and strategic spending.


It pays to be chummy with people in the same industry as you. It’s one way of getting tips and tricks from the seasoned bunch in the industry.

Although you don’t have to get that chummy with anyone, being in the circle can help your business. You’re exposed to models and strategies different from your own. Widen your horizon to different approaches and ideas. You might even open the door to future collaborations and other possibilities that benefit your business.

Running a business will always be a challenge, no matter how many hurdles you’ve overcome or milestones you’ve achieved. Always celebrate every achievement, be it small or big. While you hustle your way to your goals, remember to enjoy the process too.

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