Why Your Personal Name Needs a Domain Name


Personal Domain Name


What’s On Your Google Search?


What does Google return when you enter your name? What you get is much better if you type in a more precise search, like your name and your city or job title. This article is for you if the search results you receive don’t accurately reflect who you are as a person.


As long as you have created a Google Compliant website, when you purchase a domain with your name as the address, it will appear when an Internet user searches your name on Google. Since you are completely in charge of the content, your website will accurately represent your personal brand among all the other things you fear Google may include. It is also likely to come up as the top result. If you and other persons with the same name are now at the top, this may be advantageous. Your website is the only platform where you have complete editorial control over all users, brands, and enterprises. When someone searches for their name online, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn results typically come up first. Although this is advantageous, you still have no influence over what people say about you online. This indicates that your personal name .com website is your most valuable personal brand asset.


Protect Your Name, Throughout the World


Let’s now discuss personal branding. How much is your name worth? How is the name you use known? Who else uses your name in the URL of a.com or other domain name? Well, it is precious for many celebrities, professionals, and anybody looking to establish a brand identity. It is essential to position oneself with the biggest potential competitive edge because internet content and competition are only going to get more intense.


Is the .com domain for your name already taken? There is still hope for people like John Smith and Chris Jones. If the domain owner is willing to sell, you can still bargain a price to be paid to them. We have observed domain monopolies snatching up as many domains as they can before reselling them at 1,000% markups. We are aware that the planet is frigid. The price ranges from $50,000 to $900,000. What, exactly? Visit the who.is database to learn who owns the .com extension for your personal name, or any other extension for that matter.


Domain Names are Cheap


Well, mostly speaking. It costs very little money to purchase a brand-new, unregistered domain name, and if you have a unique name, you probably can do so before anyone else. One shouldn’t cost you more than $12–$25 every year to buy. Everyone should attempt to secure their name’s domain for such a low cost before another person with the same name does. In that case, you may always change the webpage to include your middle name as well.




Anyone can buy the website if it’s open for business. Therefore, someone who doesn’t like you or even know you at all could purchase the domain for your name and post some things that you wouldn’t find acceptable. Some people purchase a large number of web domain names with the intention of later selling them to someone else who wants them for a higher price. In either case, you ought to just purchase it ahead of time.


Custom E-mail Address


If you buy the domain name, you can use it to create a legitimate e-mail account. Your name before and after the @ could be the culprit. That sounds really nice, doesn’t it? Compared to one that concludes with the generic Gmail.com or Yahoo.com, it would appear considerably better.




We strongly urge you to buy a.com domain with your own name on it. Look for other top-level domains, such as .net, .org, or .info, if a .com is not available. No luck yet? searches for .me, .io, or .name. We can all agree that we live in the information age, whether or not we are already in business or aspire to be. Information is gold during this incredible time. Additionally, establishing your own brand identity might be the deciding factor in getting you hired or awarded a contract.


Source: Web Markets


In case you are planning to buy your personal name its own domain, check out our list of personal name domains. Who knows, maybe your name is included in the list!

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